Selfood #17 : Bangkok Thai Seafood Restaurant


On the Chap Goh Meh day, my boss invited us to have an office lunch at Bangkok Thai Seafood Restaurant. It was my first time trying this restaurant. I only managed to capture the pictures of the first course. Love the Pandan Chicken. 

Some food were too hot for me. I ran straightly to the loo when we went back to the office. Some of the colleagues at the same table. The man in white shirt is going to retire this month. Yeah, we are going to miss him after this. 

 After lunch, we had a quick group photo with Madam Livan (our boss’s wife). Overall, love the food and environment. 


3 thoughts on “Selfood #17 : Bangkok Thai Seafood Restaurant

  1. I love Thai food. I wonder where this is. Livan? Tajang Laing’s daughter. She’s younger – more familiar with the older ones like Bawang. Wonder where she is now.

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