Selfood #18 : Hourglass Cafe

Assalamualaikum. Happy Weekend everyone!


Last two weeks I had a birthday treats from my girls at Hourglass Cafe.Β  Saw the food review from Abg Fadli (Mytravellicious) at first, and it brought us here.


Located at the front side of Hilton Hotel lobby, the place was a small but cozy. Love the decorations on the wall, the background and the table arrangement.


Customers can play PS, board games or even singing there. The staffs are friendly and helpful.


As usual, I ordered my favourite menu – Nasi Ayam Penyet. I love the soft and juicy tempes. The chicken was a bit hard to chew but still ok for me. That’s not their specialty in here.


Their specialties are the Cotton Candy drink (Coffee or Choco) and Bakso. If you can zoom in from the picture, the drink cost RM12 per glass. Wow! Unfortunately, the machine was out of service that day. Huhu.


Jojie surprised me by buying this cake. I have no idea of the name of the cake. What I know, it taste super delicious! It tasted like Oreo (obviously there was Oreos on top of the slice), chocolate and red velvet (maybe). All I could say that was my super yummy birthday cake so far. hehe.


And also I ordered Chamomile Tea that day. When I saw the price was RM5, I thought it was really pricey. Not until they served the drink, I think I can share the drink for two person.


Come again? Insha Allah… to try out other menus and maybe I will bring Amani here.


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