Arigato minna san!


I know it’s already March. My birthday have passed. But I still want to thanks to these sweet people who gave me the birthday present this year. 

Thanks to my sister for choosing the white colour… I love whitee. And I can’t wait to decorate with this beautiful stuff.
Thank you Lina for the beautiful bracelet…  Love the colour and the black beads. 

I know what you’re thinking. That I am no longer a five years old girl. bahaha. All I can say, those were the most cute gift I’ve received this year’s birthday. Really love the froggy keychain, amd the Duck shirt. Thank you Ama. 😘

Another froggy added to my collection! The blue sado froggy and Love tree were from Jojie. Thank you!! 

Arigato minna san!! 

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