Selfood #19 : Om nom nom

Let’s selfood…


Meatball set of Hungry Kuching. Only RM5 per plate.


Mi Goreng of Stutong Community Market. Love it to the max!


Chicken Rice set of Kluang Station. First tried having at this outlet. Yummy.


My favourite of all the times. Curry and crackers.


5 thoughts on “Selfood #19 : Om nom nom

  1. Wahaha. I love dipping white bread in the curry. Not crackers though. Hehe.

    Hungry Kuching? The meatballs and potato mash looked yummy.

  2. Only RM5.00??? You sure or not, so so so cheap. I wonder how much are those famous ones at IKEA. I’m like Rose, bread with curry…but crackers, I don’t mind either, also nice.

  3. very mouth-watering dishes and first time i see cream crakers with curry. i got to try that with my curry next time. bet it adds the textures and crunchiness. πŸ˜‰

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