Selfood #21 : MK Classico Cafe



If you are thinking about having western food in a hipster cafe in Kuching, then this is the best answer. Head over to MK Classico Cafe. Located besides the Borneo Hotel and Ting Ting.


Last Friday we celebrate Emie’s advance birthday here. We ordered based on the views and pictures from their instagram (@mkclassiccocafe). Otherwise, you would feel ‘blur’ when ordering at the counter since the menu didn’t include the picture. So here what we have : Spaghetti Bolognese, MK Classico Burger, Fried Chicken Waffles Sandwiches, Lamb Chop and MK Swedish Meatball. 5 stars for the MK Swedish Meatball and Lamb Chop. 😋


This is what I ordered. Fried Chicken Waffles Sandwiches and Lychee Mojito. Love it! 😘


This place I would say suitable for ‘young cozy’ because of the hipster environment. I would think twice to bring my daughter or ‘soldiers’ here, unless they will behaving themselves (and that will be impossible). There are many antique stuff displayed as decoration and I bet very precious to the owner. I can imagine the children will running here and there, touching the stuff and messing around with it…. 😱 I’d rather pack the food and eat at home. Bahaha. 😂 (Parents anxiousness mode on)


Even I, couldn’t resist to ride this ‘Basikal Tua’ 😁 Lol!


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