Selfood #22 : Just once


Pezzo Pizza… Do you like Pezzo? I think Pezzo was just not my liking. Perhaps I love thin crust pizza and I found that Pezzo pizzas are just the same with other pizzas.


First time eating at Kopi O Corner and I chose Laksa Penang. The noodles were hard to chew and so I guess that’s my first and last eating there.


My brother’s fiancee bought this puff for Amani just because she saw the cartoon looks like Amani. Lol! It taste even funnier than the look. Muhuhu.


Our office lunch last two weeks. We ordered the food from the online shop.  They are serving healthy food as they mentioned it on the instagram. However not all healthy food are tasteless I guess. 🙄 I bet they are new to this field.

I hope people out there don’t simply jump into food business when you think you can cook. Everyone can cook. But to maintain the taste and quality, not all can do that.

A reminder to myself too.

2 thoughts on “Selfood #22 : Just once

  1. Yes, sometimes I also get fed up. Open a new makan place and nothing is nice. Bagus agaik aku masak sendiri di rumah. Like that want to go into the food business, brik malu ajak. I don’t think Pezzo is great – expensive some more, cheaper at the Italian restaurant in town and a lot nicer.

    • Yup. So much into trendsetting but don’t have experience/knowledge about food business. Currently people are into selling hipster beverage. Saw one selling it, all want to join selling it. Huhu.

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