Selfood #24 : Food Hunting



Crabs. 🦀 I love crabs but not fancy to crack the shell. Bahaha. I admit it, I’m so ‘manja’ 😂 Well, the dish we were having here was at D’Ketam Cafe, Sematan. My brother in law insisted on me to try this. It is known that this is the best place to have Crab dishes in Sematan.


On the way to Serikin, there were vendors selling veggies and local plants at the sideway if the road. Normally we would stop there on the way back to Kuching. And so that day I stop there after shopping at Serikin. I bought some veggies, fruits and this. This is the an exotic dish – Nasi Periuk Kera (Rice in a pitcher plant). Here they made it with local paddy which is Beras Huma. Some of them had prawn sambal filling inside.


I also bought Buah Salak from there. This local and exotic fruit taste bittersweet.


Inside the Salak fruit.

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