Teachers’s Day

Assalamualaikum lovelies!

On Mother’s Day, Amani told me she wanted to write a Mother’s Day card. I just gave her doodle book and let her write on it. When it was done, she showed it to me. Yeah, that’s me and her. Looks like we are in a sugar rush moment. Lol. Can you see ‘mirror’ M there? I sometimes worried that she kept on doing mirror writing. More practise, perhaps. 

On the weekend, I helped her to make gifts for her teachers. Last year, we had made Cactus bead cupcakes. So for this year, we were making Tulip Bead Cupcakes. 

Yeah, that’s the tools for making it. Pysla Beads, Cupcake cups, Playdough and artificial shells. Amani was on task to deco the shells. 

Ready for delivery.

She was so excited to give the cupcakes to her teachers. Along the way to her school, she kept on rehearsing how to wish her teacher. “Happy Teacher’s Day!” she said.

And for the potluck, I chose to pack fruits for them. As Amani always remind me to bring healthy fruits for them. 😅

2 thoughts on “Teachers’s Day

  1. So sweet of her. Too bad I did not have many students like her nor those with parents like you, mostly only interested in what I could do for them and never what they could do for me.. Sighhhhh!!!!!

  2. She is cute.

    Dont worry about the mirror m. My 7yo boy sometimes can write some letters terbalik. B and D. P and q. Sigh

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