Escape : Pandan Beach



How much do you love beach scenery? I love it so much. I found peace and tranquil times at this place.


Another weekend getaway was planned on last month. Indeed I had planned to meet my craft friend who lived in Lundu. Before meeting her, we went to the Pandan Beach.


There is not much different from the last time I went here. It was still the favourite beach visited by the locals.


The view, the air, the sound of the beach… I just love it. At least I could escape for awhile from the hectic life in Kuching.


One thing I loved most about Pandan Beach is the beautiful sands. You don’t need to search for the shells. They are everywhere and all you got to do is to pick any of it. Well, we collect some of them that day.


As usual, my boyfie here also made a special appearance for my lense. And my mind echoed the song from DNCE – Cake by the ocean. Lol!

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