After School Face


How are you my friends and readers?

Everyday I would fetched Amani from school. From then, I saw her mood keep changing. Perhaps people on that age also facing a bad hair day, like adult did.


I noticed that this girl has no phrase like Monday Blues in her life. She seems happy at the earliest of weekdays.


In the middle of the weeks, she would give this face when I fetched her. Asked her about how’s school, she wouldn’t respond it.


This is TGIF face. Lol! I wonder what made them so stressfull in school (at their age).


Very unlikely for us. Now I realised that MB and TGIF doesn’t apply to kids. Enjoy your weekend!


5 thoughts on “After School Face

  1. Must be tiring…and boring too – kids need variety, so after weekends, it is ok…but as the week goes on, things get rather dreary. The teachers must pro-active, must think of ways to keep the kids entertained and happy to learn – not the same thing week after week after week.

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