Selfood #25 : Here & There



I am a dangerous type when it come to Nasi Campur. I tend to grab grab grab and definitely won’t miss to add on fried chicken. Huhu. This is what I have after some ‘yes or no – monologue’ in my head. Went to Kuehpedia weeks ago to have lunch with my colleagues.


This shop was so plainly simple on the outside. But wait, come inside and you will be suprisingly amazed with the decorations.


Love the name too. Kuehpedia. Yes, they are selling cakes and desserts. You can find Kek Lapis Sarawak in here too.

No. 7, Wayang Street,

4 thoughts on “Selfood #25 : Here & There

  1. Love the mug.

    Yup. Me too. Tend to take more and when time to pay, I would faint. Nasi campur is not cheap anymore.

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