Last Saturday I made cookies for Eid. It was a must do recipe every year. Amani loves to eat the cookies.


I love it too. So I baked based on Famous Amos cookies recipe. Packed some for my mother in law, some for my friend and some for tester. Now it left only one container. It won’t be enough for Eid day. Haish.


Looks like I have to bake more this,weekend. 😁

Colouring cards

Assalamualaikum . How are you lovely people?

There was a clearance stock sale at Kenyalang Park. All colouring books cost not more than RM5! This colouring cards cost only RM1!! I bought a few and this is one of them.

Last Thursday I went to the Sarawak General Hospital to accompany my father doing his monthly checkup. Everyone knows how bored it was while waiting at the hospital. What would you do for about 5 hours waiting for the queue? Sometimes I brought along my cross stitch kit, books (a must), ipad… but that day I brought the colouring card. Didn’t brought any colours, so I just grab my black pen.

Hmm… not bad huh. Since monochrome is so in at the moment. 😎

Mitsui Blooms


How are you lovelies.


I am so happy to see that Mitsui is blooming for the second time. And this time there are so many flower buds.


Because it is too small.. I hardly focus on the flower. Not with this handphone camera I guess. Or perhaps I didn’t know how to use the function. 😂


I had turn on the super macro function, but the picture didn’t turn into what I want. Haish.. A photographer dillemma.

The Craft Swap Project 2016


How are you my friends and readers?

From The Craft Project group, this year we had another swap project with a Paper Craft theme. It does sounds easy peanut, right? Given about two months two finish the project, I was still out of ideas. Muhuhu. Indeed, less time to make it. 

Here’s my crafts, received by my swap partner. Made her a pen holder from Pringles tin. DIY frames, bookmarks and colouring cards. 

Mine were nothing special, compared to what I received from my swap partner. Thry were so lovely!! I love the quill frog e most. (of course!) hehe. 

This is my swap partner. Hapiza. She is my schoolmate since Primary 5. It was a great choice that we are partnered this time. Although we are staying at the same place (Kuching), we were really hard to meet up. Those who stays in Kuching I think knows how busy and timeless we had. 😪 Thanks to this project, we had a nice short meetup that day. 

Thank you for those who participate in The Craft Swap Project 2016. 😘 

Much love, Azura Chan 

Selfood #28: What’s for iftar?

Asslamualaikum. Hello lovelies!

If you are wondering what are my favourite iftar menu, here we go…


Twist potato with cheese. Loved this only from the old stall since it started operated in Kuching.


Apam Balik. With original flavours, chocolate and cheese. I prefer original..


And this is my top favourite. Fried mushroom. I don’t mind having this everyday. Lol!

Nature Beauty : Hana Kimi


Hello lovelies. Let’s feast your eyes with my flowers.


One of Japanese Rose collection of mine. Just trimmed the rest and dumped them into a bigger pot.


Here’s my favourite JR. Love the colour. Very soft.


This is what I mean before. I made a flower collection into a bigger pot. Lol. When they are blooming, they look so colourful.

Selfood #27 : Foreigner’s taste

Assalamualaikum lovelies!

Hope you are doing fine this Ramadhan month.


A month before puasa I went to have lunch at the Secret Recipe Padungan. I ordered Fried chicken salads and I could say this is the best I had among SR outlets.


And it came with free beverage. It was Iced Lemon Tea, yeap.. taste good too. It was exclude with the book, in case you are wondering. bahaha. 😂


It’s been awhile since I made homemade sushis. I know it was very simple but the ‘penyakit M’ really hold me from doing it. So a few weeks ago, I made sushi rolls again. Still didn’t satisfy me at all but there are two persons who requested me to sell it. Well  I have to refused the offer. I told them I have no confidence in food business. Perhaps, one day.