Selfood #26 : Support locals


Happy Gawai to all my Dayak friends and readers.


Last week, when we were planning to visit DearDear’s grandmother after work, we stop by Metro City. Honestly, that was my first time exploring the new place. Haha. We tried to have our early dinner at Kedey Kamek. Both me and DearDear ordered Nasi Kecok. Don’t ask me what is Kecok. 😂 It taste like Nasi Aruk, and I liked it. We also ordered fried Mee Hoon and fried Kuey Teow to tapau for Mak Nek and Usu. And they said it was spicy. Luckily I had warned the waitress to make my nasi less spicy.


Kuchingites surely still remember the famous Raja Ayam Penyet, before it had moved from the old place. It had created a phenomena before. Well, again… I haven’t tried the Nasi Ayam Penyet, not until last Sunday. We went to Rj Ayam Bakar, Satok. So I give it a try then, not bad for the chicken. And for the sambal, I surrendered. Too spicy for me. 😭


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