Nature Beauty: Grown up babies


How are you my friends and readers?


Kifu’s head is getting bigger. I wonder whether this type of cactus has flower. It really suits Kifu. hehe.


Another Lara Jean edition. Placed it in a new pot and gave it to my friend.


And here’s the mother of Lara Jean. Watching it grows healthier made me flashback on her downside once upon time ago. She almost died due to my lack of succulents knowledge before.


Mitsui… I am now expecting a second bloom of Mitsui. This photo was taken 2 weeks ago. The ‘aerial’ now is getting taller. I just knew that this is Zebra cactus, because the flower has zebra lines on it. 😙


4 thoughts on “Nature Beauty: Grown up babies

  1. Where i can find cactus and succulent in kuching?? Been looking for it. I only know there is one garden in miri only. Im looking for something similar here in kuching.

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