The Craft Swap Project 2016


How are you my friends and readers?

From The Craft Project group, this year we had another swap project with a Paper Craft theme. It does sounds easy peanut, right? Given about two months two finish the project, I was still out of ideas. Muhuhu. Indeed, less time to make it. 

Here’s my crafts, received by my swap partner. Made her a pen holder from Pringles tin. DIY frames, bookmarks and colouring cards. 

Mine were nothing special, compared to what I received from my swap partner. Thry were so lovely!! I love the quill frog e most. (of course!) hehe. 

This is my swap partner. Hapiza. She is my schoolmate since Primary 5. It was a great choice that we are partnered this time. Although we are staying at the same place (Kuching), we were really hard to meet up. Those who stays in Kuching I think knows how busy and timeless we had. 😪 Thanks to this project, we had a nice short meetup that day. 

Thank you for those who participate in The Craft Swap Project 2016. 😘 

Much love, Azura Chan 


6 thoughts on “The Craft Swap Project 2016

  1. I wish I could be as creative as you and your friends. Got the time but lazy and not creative. Hehe.

    Everything so pretty. Love the bookmarks.

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