Colouring cards

Assalamualaikum . How are you lovely people?

There was a clearance stock sale at Kenyalang Park. All colouring books cost not more than RM5! This colouring cards cost only RM1!! I bought a few and this is one of them.

Last Thursday I went to the Sarawak General Hospital to accompany my father doing his monthly checkup. Everyone knows how bored it was while waiting at the hospital. What would you do for about 5 hours waiting for the queue? Sometimes I brought along my cross stitch kit, books (a must), ipad… but that day I brought the colouring card. Didn’t brought any colours, so I just grab my black pen.

Hmm… not bad huh. Since monochrome is so in at the moment. 😎


4 thoughts on “Colouring cards

  1. Lovely. Like black & white some day than those colouful pieces.

    I bought 2 books from Kenyalang too. Now it depends on kids’ mood to colour them. Haha. But better than watching tv. 😉

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