Cross Stitch Addict

Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone.

My long time wip cross stitch project. Sigh. I only need moreeee free time to stitch. I really want to be an avid stitcher. Perhaps when I’m old and retire from my job. hehe. In the meantime, I will envy those cross stitch addict.

Who is the cross stitch addict? You know when you are addictive when…. 

You just can’t let the plain grids on your kitchenware. 

Including this.

And while doing the housechores, you feel itchy to stitch on the basket. 

And something you sits on. 

And on the neighbourhood fences. 😂

Even chronic, you just can’t see the plain rusty metals. Bahaha. Anyway, I adore those arts. 

Are you one of them? 😉

*photos credit from Pinterest.

Selfood #29 : Kluang Station


How are you my friends and readers?

This is Amani’s favourite dishes. Ayam Goreng Peng Peng. If you are wondering what is Peng Peng? It is refers to a chicken wing that looks like a pistol. She used to play with the chicken wing as a pistol and made a sound ‘Peng! Peng!’

So everytime we asked her what she would like to have? She would tell you ‘Ayam Peng Peng’. This time around we were having dinner at Kluang Station, The Spring. Those 6 pieces chicken wings cost for RM11.++ 

Normally we ordered Fried Chicken Rice but that day DearDear tried other menu. Chicken Chop with rice. I live the gravvy and the crunchy taste of the chicken. 

One thing I liked to dine here is because of the cozy place. Love the decor too. 



Hiya lovely bloggers and friends!

Finished colouring this postcard when I had some inspiration from the Roses song by The Chainsmokers. 🌹🌹🌹 (My favourite duo, currently) 😁 Well, song influenced me a lot. Especially when I’m in my ‘arts/design’ mode. Ewah. 😂 It was a messy start but then I mixed it with magic pen. Had to practise more on how to outbring the final touch. 

And then I uploaded it into my Instagram account. (my second home. 😆) I put on lyrics from Roses and tagged The Chainsmokers account for the picture. 45 seconds after that, they Like my picture! Wow!! It feels like a crush smiling back on us. Bahahaha. 😂 

It helped me to sleep well through the night. 😜

Well, this card is taken. Thank you for appreciating my work. 😉

My Amani


Hello lovelies. 😘

Recently I realised that Amani loves to make her face when taking picture. Especially her pouts.

I have no idea where did she learned to make that pout. (please don’t say it was from me. lol)

Almost all of the pictures had her face like that. 😅 

And at the end of the day, she became uncontrolabally sugar rush. 

Like a ‘makcik’ pose.

More ‘makcik’ ngegeh pose. Haish… 😅

Happy Posto (July.16)

Assalamualaikum. How are you everyone?

It’s been awhile since I received a lettee from my pen pal. I don’t know where have all my pen pals gone. I wrote to them but never get any reply after two letters. And I came to my IG friend posting about matching pen pals. I gave her details about myself ans received three pen pal names. 

Surprisingly, I received this letter from Kim of Chicago first. I thought I had to write first, as usual. It was so lovely for her too made the hand painted card for me. 

I’m going to reply and write to the two other pen pals. Till then. 😘

#throwback : Rarest Raya


It was first time in my life celebrating Hari Raya in Halloween theme. Our last house for visiting that day, my cousin’s house. 

Don’t ask me why the theme. I bet because they both love children, that is the best way to attract children. Especially Amani. 

Amani really excited to wear the probs and taking photos. She told me it was a Monster High house. 

Some family monster for portrait. Lol! 

This year, she got along very well with my cousins. Unlike previous year, they had to ‘umpan’ her with sweets and chocs. 😂

Doll House


Happy Sarawak Day! 

When I was a little girl, doll house was so ‘in’ at that time. Especially Barbie house. I always dreamed of a doll house for my dolls. It was so expensive, and still expensive nowadays. I know my parent couldn’t afford to buy one for me. Therefore, my sister and I created our own doll house by using used box. 

Now I taught my daughter how to make her own doll house. I let her chose the wrapping paper and stickers. My job is to cut the window and help her to decorate the interior. Haha. I know it’s quite messy but it’s her job then. She decorated the fancy stickers glued the papers. Actually I made a door, but she insisted to cover it because she told me Maripossa’s house doesn’t have a door. They entered using a window. 😅 (Barbie Maripossa overload!)

This is the interior look from the window view. Got a hanging lamp, picture on the wall, a mirror and a single bed. Oh, there is Gigi (from Monster High) visitting Maripossa. 😂 

Mint Green


How are you my lovely friends and readers?

Let me ask you. What is your favourite colour? Some people are obsessed with their favourite colours. They would matched everything based on their fav. colours.


Well, that includes me! 🙋 I just realised that mostly my stuff are in this colour. I love mint green, it’s a cute colour. From the handphone casing, to the clutch and my sneakers also in mint green. 😂


Last week I bought this new vintage floral tin from Mr. Diy. There were so many collection but in the end I chose this one.


And then as I opened my drawer that night, I spot on another tin collection which has the same pattern with the new one. Muhuhu. 😁

#ootd Raya


One question, when it comes to celebrating Raya. What is your theme colour for Raya this year?


Well, we have recycled our outfit this year. Since we had made new outfits for my brother’s wedding last May, we all recycled it and wore it on the first day Raya. Here are the trio, Danish, Amani and Dada.


On the second day of Raya, I wore my new dress sewn by a friend of my friend in Lundu. This year we have new family member joined. My sister in laws, Kak Kasmar and Wanie.


Another dress sewn by the tailor from Lundu. Wore it on the third day of Raya. This picture was taken during the open house at my sister in law’s house. This is my brother Zeed, people always thought that we were twin.


This outfit… my favourite. Bought it from Serikin. I just looove floral pattern. 😁 Please avoid the face, it had been a hot weather during Raya this year.