Neko Atsume


Hello and how are you?


I am not really into mobile games. I like playing computer games but only for my leisure time. And I would choose less tricky games that won’t include me to think. I would definitely avoid strategy games. Lol


However, I can’t resist to play this game. Neko Atsume, Kitty Collector. All you do is set the toys or pillows and some food at the yard, and wait for the cats to come.


Once they left, you will get goodies from them. Sometimes, you may attract some rare species cat like this one. The sphinx which name is Ramses the Great.


And the cat who played baseball name Joe DiMeoGio. 😂


Look at the fluffy chubby cat named Tubbs. It likes to finish the cat food. If only it was real, I want to squeez it. Lol!

So hey cat lovers, let’s play this game. 😄


6 thoughts on “Neko Atsume

  1. No more games for me – my missus will play on her smartphone – no, thank you! I used to enjoy playing The Lion King on PC a long time ago, bought the cd’s, cetak rompak, with those games for my little girl to play and I only enjoyed this one.

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