#ootd Raya


One question, when it comes to celebrating Raya. What is your theme colour for Raya this year?


Well, we have recycled our outfit this year. Since we had made new outfits for my brother’s wedding last May, we all recycled it and wore it on the first day Raya. Here are the trio, Danish, Amani and Dada.


On the second day of Raya, I wore my new dress sewn by a friend of my friend in Lundu. This year we have new family member joined. My sister in laws, Kak Kasmar and Wanie.


Another dress sewn by the tailor from Lundu. Wore it on the third day of Raya. This picture was taken during the open house at my sister in law’s house. This is my brother Zeed, people always thought that we were twin.


This outfit… my favourite. Bought it from Serikin. I just looove floral pattern. 😁 Please avoid the face, it had been a hot weather during Raya this year. 


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