Mint Green


How are you my lovely friends and readers?

Let me ask you. What is your favourite colour? Some people are obsessed with their favourite colours. They would matched everything based on their fav. colours.


Well, that includes me! πŸ™‹ I just realised that mostly my stuff are in this colour. I love mint green, it’s a cute colour. From the handphone casing, to the clutch and my sneakers also in mint green. πŸ˜‚


Last week I bought this new vintage floral tin from Mr. Diy. There were so many collection but in the end I chose this one.


And then as I opened my drawer that night, I spot on another tin collection which has the same pattern with the new one. Muhuhu. 😁


13 thoughts on “Mint Green

  1. Not me. Not that over crazy over a certain colour. Hmm. I love purple and turquoise colours.

    I like your vintage floral tin.

  2. Bebeh….lamak dh aku sik bukak blog awak…sorry awak, bebehπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜……gik bedango sama upa kitaduak tok..ngumpul koleksi.😍😍😍😍…kaler mint green ya cun dgn awak lah…😘😘😘

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