Doll House


Happy Sarawak Day! 

When I was a little girl, doll house was so ‘in’ at that time. Especially Barbie house. I always dreamed of a doll house for my dolls. It was so expensive, and still expensive nowadays. I know my parent couldn’t afford to buy one for me. Therefore, my sister and I created our own doll house by using used box. 

Now I taught my daughter how to make her own doll house. I let her chose the wrapping paper and stickers. My job is to cut the window and help her to decorate the interior. Haha. I know it’s quite messy but it’s her job then. She decorated the fancy stickers glued the papers. Actually I made a door, but she insisted to cover it because she told me Maripossa’s house doesn’t have a door. They entered using a window. πŸ˜… (Barbie Maripossa overload!)

This is the interior look from the window view. Got a hanging lamp, picture on the wall, a mirror and a single bed. Oh, there is Gigi (from Monster High) visitting Maripossa. πŸ˜‚ 

2 thoughts on “Doll House

  1. I never own any doll house. Never really crazy into those dolls or doll’s house as a kid. Haha.

    Nice. That is creative. I like it.

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