My Amani


Hello lovelies. 😘

Recently I realised that Amani loves to make her face when taking picture. Especially her pouts.

I have no idea where did she learned to make that pout. (please don’t say it was from me. lol)

Almost all of the pictures had her face like that. 😅 

And at the end of the day, she became uncontrolabally sugar rush. 

Like a ‘makcik’ pose.

More ‘makcik’ ngegeh pose. Haish… 😅


9 thoughts on “My Amani

  1. My girl also like to do that pout thinggy too. Sometimes I cannot stand, I ask her to behave and smile properly. Lol.

    I also dont know where she learnt it from. Macam those face models doing the pout pose but the kids overdoing it. Haha.

    Makcik? No lah. Amani is cute.

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