Hiya lovely bloggers and friends!

Finished colouring this postcard when I had some inspiration from the Roses song by The Chainsmokers. 🌹🌹🌹 (My favourite duo, currently) 😁 Well, song influenced me a lot. Especially when I’m in my ‘arts/design’ mode. Ewah. 😂 It was a messy start but then I mixed it with magic pen. Had to practise more on how to outbring the final touch. 

And then I uploaded it into my Instagram account. (my second home. 😆) I put on lyrics from Roses and tagged The Chainsmokers account for the picture. 45 seconds after that, they Like my picture! Wow!! It feels like a crush smiling back on us. Bahahaha. 😂 

It helped me to sleep well through the night. 😜

Well, this card is taken. Thank you for appreciating my work. 😉


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