Selfood #29 : Kluang Station


How are you my friends and readers?

This is Amani’s favourite dishes. Ayam Goreng Peng Peng. If you are wondering what is Peng Peng? It is refers to a chicken wing that looks like a pistol. She used to play with the chicken wing as a pistol and made a sound ‘Peng! Peng!’

So everytime we asked her what she would like to have? She would tell you ‘Ayam Peng Peng’. This time around we were having dinner at Kluang Station, The Spring. Those 6 pieces chicken wings cost for RM11.++ 

Normally we ordered Fried Chicken Rice but that day DearDear tried other menu. Chicken Chop with rice. I live the gravvy and the crunchy taste of the chicken. 

One thing I liked to dine here is because of the cozy place. Love the decor too. 


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