I took a pill…

Assalamualaikum. Hello everyone!

Last week I’ve completed my challenge of #sevendayssevenflowers with caption: “I took a pill…” Please don’t be misunderstanding here. Flowers are my happy pills. I was posting the seven flowers everyday as a motivation to myself. 

I felt a little bit gloomy for the past weeks. However, life must go on. I need a ‘pill’ to face everyday life. While posting those flower with some quotes, I feel kind of motivated. 🙂

More doodles


How are you my lovely friends and readers!

Ome day, after fetched Amani from school she showed me her doodlework. When I saw it, I tried to be asked her what are those? She explained everything she drew. I was so touched when she never forget to include me and DearDear into her drawing. 🙂

I realised that she loves to doodle. This is what I caught from her book. This Nek Bang (my father)

Guess who is this? Lol. This is Usu Dos. (my youngest brother). 

And now… presenting… the new Me! lol! 

Selfood #32 : Sago


Ever heard of Tumpik Lemantak? This is my favourite. Made of Sago flour and coconut shredded (is that a correct term? 😁). Yum yum… 

I just can’t let the leftover curry wasted just like that. What I did, I scooped some sagos and pour the curry onto it. Yeay… it’s so delicious! Have you tried?



Let me share some green posts today.

Souvenir from my ex-colleague, when she was back from vacation at Krabi. Snail and green clothes pin? Very me. hehe.

Those cuties were the toothbrush holders. Found them at Smart Bookstore. Why are they so cute? Nope, didn’t buy any. 

Ever seen this fruit? They are Buah Putat. I used to hear my mother always told me about this fruit. This time I can see it in my own eyes. My mother in law bought them to make ‘ulam’. Rare fruit. 

Cheap skate hi-tea


Situation : It is in the middle of the month.You are in the office, all of the bosses are away for out station. The time is approaching to tea break time. Suddenly you are craving for something to eat. And then just like a bluetooth signal switch on, your colleagues also feel the same way too. Thinking the same thing that bothering your mind. 

Solution : Everyone chip in at least RM 1 and go buy Keropok Lekors and Fried Squids from the ‘Cucur Stall’ nearby the office. After that, makan-makan like you are in a hi-tea function. Hehe. 

p/s: Applicable only when the bosses are not around. 😝

Pony Go


Happy weekend everyone.

While everyone is busy catching pokemon, my girl is so obsessed with My Little Ponies doll.

Here is her second catch. She told me it’s named Rainbow Dash. (OK, Mama is getting old. 😅) And then I started to search for the character names. Lol. 

We found this one and only at the Smart Bookstore, Kuching Sentral. She was so excited to see the pony is glow in the dark. 

And this is her first catch. I don’t remember the name. Sounds like Apple Pie, something like that. 😂 This one her Abah bought it for her at 100¥ store. 

She also bought Twilight, another mini pony she caught at Viva City. But she lost it, I think she had misplaced it in her grandparent house. Yup, she brings the ponies everywhere. 😁