Pony Go


Happy weekend everyone.

While everyone is busy catching pokemon, my girl is so obsessed with My Little Ponies doll.

Here is her second catch. She told me it’s named Rainbow Dash. (OK, Mama is getting old. 😅) And then I started to search for the character names. Lol. 

We found this one and only at the Smart Bookstore, Kuching Sentral. She was so excited to see the pony is glow in the dark. 

And this is her first catch. I don’t remember the name. Sounds like Apple Pie, something like that. 😂 This one her Abah bought it for her at 100¥ store. 

She also bought Twilight, another mini pony she caught at Viva City. But she lost it, I think she had misplaced it in her grandparent house. Yup, she brings the ponies everywhere. 😁


2 thoughts on “Pony Go

  1. I would never know their names. After all it has been ages since this cartoon was shown.

    Tell my kids on My Little Ponies, Carebears, they dont know. Haha.

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