More doodles


How are you my lovely friends and readers!

Ome day, after fetched Amani from school she showed me her doodlework. When I saw it, I tried to be asked her what are those? She explained everything she drew. I was so touched when she never forget to include me and DearDear into her drawing. ๐Ÿ™‚

I realised that she loves to doodle. This is what I caught from her book. This Nek Bang (my father)

Guess who is this? Lol. This is Usu Dos. (my youngest brother). 

And now… presenting… the new Me! lol! 


2 thoughts on “More doodles

  1. Let her doodle, dear. It is her way to express herself. My girl doodled and drew a lot aa young girl and she still does it sometimes. Remember she always love to draw the family doing something together.

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