Sarawak Museum


I’m having Mee Brunei again yesterday. This time I chose yellow noodles instead of bihun. I think I prefer bihun. 

Okay, this is a late post. After our first visit to eat Mee Brunei, me and my colleagues decided to visit the museum. Since one of use here never entered the museum, so we took her and look around like a tourist. hehe. 

See, any chance people mistaken me like a tourist? hehe. This is the museum shop, my favourite. Lol!

This door is so big and very heavy, I bet. We were told that this door was carved by great grandfather of Orang Ulu, and his great grandchildren sold it to the museum. 

After that we went inside. This is the gallery for wooden carved dolls, from various ethnic in Sarawak. 

This doll called Dayung. I knew Dayung means a Girl or a Lady in Bidayuh dialect. Probably the doll was a girl. 

There was also a Rumah Panjang (Long House) in this museum. I would prefer the Long House at Sarawak Cultural Village. More realistic.

A replica of a bus, first public transportation in Kuching. 

An antique trishaw. 

My family!!! 🐸🐸🐸

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