Selfood #34 : Local 


Came home from work, and saw the three favourite dishes cooked by Mak. Umai, Crab with eggs and Sayur Midin. Amani saw me eating crab and she asked me “Rasa lepeh ka Ma?” (Does it taste like cockroach?) Bahaha. I can only laughed at her. Dunno where did the “lepeh” idea came to mind. 

Aha! Now I have found another favourite Laksa Sarawak. Suits to my tongue. 😜 It was Old Time  Coffee House, laksa. Very delicious. The thick broth and soft vercimelli. I gave 5 stars. hehe. 

Bought some ‘rebung’ at Lundu last week. So cheap. Only RM2 per basket. When coming home, I asked Mak to make Acar Rebung. But… I forgot to buy Keropok Lundu. haish… 


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