Book Junkie mode ON


How are you my lovelies?

When my stitching currently off mode, my reading mode is on. That’s how it goes. I never had time doing nothng. 😂

How many of you have read this book? Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. There was a movie version from this book adaptation too. I have watched the movie and read the book. I gave 4 stars for both version.

You can read the book synopsis and my review in here

 After reading tensed book, I would change something in light genre. So I picked this book. Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn.The plot was ok, about a young girl who accidentally burnt their house and caused the death of both her parent. The soul never found peace so she haunted another girl living in that house. It stated there as a ghost story, but it didn’t scared me at all.👻 Perhaps it was a children book. Gonna keep it for Amani reading in future. 

Saw from the internet that this book also had turn into a film version too. Great!

And after reading Helen… in one sitting, I was itchy to grab this new book bought at Popular Book Fair two weeks ago. 

So this is my current read. The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins. Yes, another thriller. And also another ‘book going to be a movie’ soon will be showing on October 2016. 

So far so good. Wait for my review. I think I can finish reading this book within this week. 

p/s: The fried bihun was good too. 😂

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