Amani Turns 5


How are you lovelies?

Sorry again, for neglecting my blog. I’ve been so busy within this month. In the end, my body system surrendered. Got migraine, stomach cramp and flu now. Sigh.. 

Alhamdulillah. Amani has turned 5 this month. How time flies. This year she insisted to celebrate it at home. Together with my parents. We only bought cake and some meals from KFC. That was just enought for her birthday treats. 

The day before her birthday, me and DearDear had bought her earlier presents. DearDear bought a Hello Kitty kitchen sets and I promised to her a Princesses school bag. Plus a small Elsa here. 😅

This is from her Usu (My youngest brother). Princess Belle and Tea Party Set. How lucky. 😄

She also got the fancy rings and princesses stickers from my friend, Aunty Jojie. 

Her Udak (my brother)  and his wife Aunty Mimi bought her Monster High cupcakes. She likes the black cat the most. Caty Noir. 😂

Well, thank you all for the wishes and presents. 😘

7 thoughts on “Amani Turns 5

  1. Happy birthday, sweetie pie! Wahhhhh…so many presents!

    Migraine, stomach cramp and flu – sounds like the symptoms my girl had, plus pulse rate over 100, sweaty palms…and she thought she was having gastric problems, lots of angin so she took a whole lot of medicine for that. Didn’t help. Turned out that she is gluten-sensitive…must not eat anything wheat, no oats, barley and some other things. She stopped eating those so she is ok now.

    • Thanks for the wishes. 😉
      Oh really? Heard about the gluten free diet but never tried it. Yes, I have so many ‘angin’ inside my body. Plus when I am stress, it could be worst. Okay, I’ll try the diet scheme… Thanks for the advice.

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