How have you been lovelies? I hope no one is missing me. Because if you do so, I will feel guilty for neglecting my blog. 

15th February, I turned 35 years old. 35 years ago my mother gave birth to me without my father by her side. He was attended a work course in Japan. And so my mother had to drive herself to the hospital. They later informed my father about my birth by telegram. 

And this year, just like 35 years ago… we celebrated my birthday without my father again. I am used to him teasing me with him singing a Birthday song when it comes to my birthday. And then he would jokingly asked Amani “Whose birthday is today, Amani?”

That would be my sweet memories with him when he was still around… 

I will never hear your singing, your teasing, your laugh, your jokes… 

I miss you, Pak. 😥


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  1. Belated birthday greetings, all the best in the year ahead. Wow!!! 35, so young!!! Sorry I’ve been so busy, my mum in medical centre and we also have to take care of my dad at their house, all the running around, juggling and everything – not much time to blog hop. I’m so so so tired every day.

    • Thank you.. It’s okay. I understand. You take care your own health too. Been into that situation, had to sacrifice our own time and health. Nevertheless, it’s for our parent. This is the time we pay them. I hope your mum is getting well soon.

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