Happy Posto 2017


Yeah, it’s been awhile since I updated about my pen paling activity. I received this letter from my pen pal in Norway. It was arrived in my mailbox last year. Yup, last year… during the ‘battle’ day of my late bapak. 

I had apologized to her for the late reply. Let’s take a look inside the letter. Sugoi desu ne~ 

This is what I love the most. So lovely. I’m going to use this for my scrap book project. 

Including this. I know some of you must be envying me.Lol.

Bookmarks too… Who want these? I got some extra bookmarks. 

And lastly, some excerpt from classic books. She knew that I love reading. 

This is a mail tag from her, I had pass it on to my pen pal in Chicago. To play on this game, once we received the mail tag, we would write the answer in our letter. And then, pass the mail tag to another pen pal. Sounds fun, right? 

I made a mail tag too and has pass it on to Heidi. Hopefully it will travel far away from here. 

I made an envelop for my pen pal too, quite recently. I found that making these was fun. I always loved paper craft and snail mailing. Anyone want a pen pal, me! I’m all yours. ๐Ÿ˜‚


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