Nature beauty : Herbs


I always love the herbs on top of laksa and spaghetti. Therefore I decided to plant my own herbs this year. Started with Corriander. 

After a few weeks the leaves started to change like corriander. 😂 Yeah, don’t laugh. I was worried in the beginning, why does my corriander leaves looks like those. Then my mom told me they will change. Lol! 

Also loves Daun Kesom on top of Penang Laksa. This is the second time I tried to plant this herbs. The first died dried on the spot. The second time also almost died. So I quickly transfered it into a bigger pot with more sunlight. I had to check on the soil and keep it damp everyday. And now, voila! They are ready to harvest. 

Remember my mint plants before? Well they didn’t survived. I had to buy the new baby and learned the lesson. Never abandoned them. This plant need sunlight and a shady place at the same time. 🍀

Planting edible plants or herbs had taught me to be more patient and giving extra care to nurture them. Unlike the cactus, they are more independent.  

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