About Me

Hi. My name is Azura.  A mommie of one cute daughter. (Grins)

I’m writing to express my thought….

**Book is my drug

– I love reading. Be it in English or Malay books.  But I prefer English books. My favourite authors are Sophie Kinsella, Amy Tan, Sidney Sheldon, Khaled Hosseini, James Patterson & Amanda Hocking.  I love autobiography books, a little adventure like Sidney Sheldon, a wacky hillarious like Sophie Kinsella, real enchanting fantasies like Amanda Hocking and sometimes a thubthumping thriller like James Patterson. I’ll never get enough of books.

** Photography is my alcohol

– It’s so addictive.  Like everyone, I have my own dreams in photography field.  I want to be the only woman photographer that captures any subject related to women and girls only.  From the perspective of an ordinary woman.  But I’m still learning.

** Food is my temptation

– If you know me better, you know who I am.  I like tasting food, and do some cooking esp Japanese style and Western Style.  I like to share the thoughts of variety of food in Malaysia.

** Blogging is my therapy

– Sometimes I feel happy, gloomy, angry, sick… all of them I’ll share in this blog. I’m the type of person who likes to keep it to myself whenever I have problems.  That’s why this blog was created. To dump all the feelings inside.

** Mommiehood

  • Amani is the precious love I own. I love writing about her. The experience of becoming a mother and being a mother.


++ I like doing craft projects.  Fancy collecting/looking at fancy things.

++ I like doing picture editing.

++ I like watching anime

++ I’m a JDrama addict.. sometimes KDrama.

++ I’m a homie person.. =)

++ Froggie is my life. My life is froggie. bwahaha.

++ I love Johnny Depp. =P

———– Feel free to contact me: nazuramn@yahoo.com ———————

32 thoughts on “About Me

  1. thanks so very much for paying a visit to my blog and for leaving a comment (: it made my day! have you never been to penang? (: i’m sorry, i’m new here.. where are you from?

  2. i’ve never been to sarawak(!) & for the 25 years i’ve lived as a malaysian, i’ve only been to sabah once.
    maybe some day i will visit kuching & maybe you can show my boy friend & i around? hehe. i was born in kl but grew up in selangor. btw, you’re very pretty ((:

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