Shine bright like a diamond


If you remember this photo I have posted long long time ago… back in 2015 (end of the year) if I am not mistaken. This is the beginning of me falling in love into Diamond Drills set. Yeah, I chose Frozen design because back then, I would like to give it to Amani as her birthday present. 

However, making it would not as easy as peanut! Took a lot of times and efforts to ‘drilled’ the diamond onto the chart. There were thousands of them, with colour codes and patterns. 

So on and off I was struggled hard to finish it. Finally, early of this year I have completed the Frozen Diamond Drills. Phew! Yeah, that was a big PHEW! from me. Hahaha. 😂

This is my satisfaction. 

Cross Stitch Love Note


Last month I had joined a #csmlovenote swap organised by the Cross Stitch Malaysia group. The task is to complete any cross stitch with the theme of Love Note. Each of us would assigned to one swap partner. 

I decided to frame it with embroidery hoop. Unfortunately I made a mistake by cutting the cloth too small for the hoop size. So I cover it with yellow felt and glued the diamond stickers on top of it. What do you think?

 In return I received a bunch of love! She gave me the biscornu pin cushion, crochet purse, aida cloth and cross stitch kits. How generous. Thank you, Minn. 

Bestie Meetup

Assalamualaikum. How are you lovelies?

Last week, heard that my best friend Edzy was coming to Kuching. So we grab the chance to meet up at Viva City. 

The last time we met was during Hari Raya, last year. Amani was still shy with them. But this time, they were enjoyed listening to Amani’s story. She was excited to have a collection of Hello Kitties from Aunt Edzy & Uncle Is.


And then I brought her to my favourite shop in Viva City. I knew she would love the shop too. So we went to Kaison, and she goes crazy overthere. Lol! 

We both love craft. And Cactus!! As I promised to her, I gave her my little Sahara for adoption. In return, she gave me these cute felt cactuses!! There’s even a Sahara replica she made it for me. Thank you Cimeng!! 😘

Ritchey Bear


Last month I had a small reunion with my chummy, Ritchey Bear. 🐻 Yeay! This is my bestie when I was in high school. We always exchange small notes/letters during those days. Our favourite activity was swapping celebrity posters! 😂 How I missed the good old days. 

Ritchey now is an English lecturer at local institution. I know he loved the job so much. On that day, I asked him to write something on my journal. 😚

I had stitched a Bear Hug pattern for him. This pattern took me about 5 hours to finish stitching it. 

Mini Hoop Swap


Remember I have joined the mini hoop swap, organised by Veryberryhandmade before? Well this is what I received from my partner. She was from Germany, and this cutie frog had hop in all the way from there. Wow! 

Look at the fine stitching and details. I just loved it. 😍

Dear Dear birthday


It’s October. Months of many birthday boys and girls that surrounds me. haha.

One of the birthday boy is Dear Dear. This birthday boy didn’t like to be wished during his birthday. Doesn’t fancy any celebration either. Okay, I respect him for that. So on his birthday, we just went to have dinner after work. Amani insisted to buy a cake for her Abah. She chose the Ultraman cake. There it goes, we ate dinner and a mini cake.

And then we accompanied him to renew his driving license. That’s Malaysian trademark oh birthday. Birthday means driving license renewal day. Bahaha! After that he said he wanna have massage on the massage chair. And someone also love to have massage on her Abah’s tummy. ahaha. She would always do that. 😅

Birthday present? Only this. Mini Tower of Pisa. He assembled it himself. I have no talent in this. ahakz. 

Hopefully, I will have chance to visit Italy someday. Eh? Consider that my wish is his wish too lah. Lol! 

Mini Hoop Swap


Rise shine, lovelies. 

I have joined a mini hoop swap #veryberryhoopswap organised by Veryberryhandmade. It requires us to swap an embroidery mini hoop. I was so excited to join in and started to find the mini hoop (size not more than 2.5 inch) all over Kuching. I even asked for my friend and my aunt in KL. The searched was fruitless. So I tried online. Found it but the shipping cost is so expensive. (RM60 for shipping).

And then I remember Angela of Wish I were stitching is selling knitting/stitching supplies. So I asked her and she said that she got it. The price is rather affordable from other shop so far, so I grab two! 😂 

I was,surprised that the package came with some other goodies from her. Aww.. you are so sweet, Angela. Thank you so much! 😘 You guys can visit her online shop too. 

I learned that my partner loves flower and heart. She also likes red colour. So I decided to stitch a rose pattern for her. And stitch a wooden heart on bottom of it. The mini hoop is on its way to a new home in United Kingdom. I hope my partner will like it. 🙂

It was so much exciting and enjoyable moment doing this swap activity. Thank you Veryberryhandmade for organising it. I’m looking forward for another swap project. 😉

Ciao. x.