Selfood #34 : Local 


Came home from work, and saw the three favourite dishes cooked by Mak. Umai, Crab with eggs and Sayur Midin. Amani saw me eating crab and she asked me “Rasa lepeh ka Ma?” (Does it taste like cockroach?) Bahaha. I can only laughed at her. Dunno where did the “lepeh” idea came to mind. 

Aha! Now I have found another favourite Laksa Sarawak. Suits to my tongue. 😜 It was Old Time  Coffee House, laksa. Very delicious. The thick broth and soft vercimelli. I gave 5 stars. hehe. 

Bought some ‘rebung’ at Lundu last week. So cheap. Only RM2 per basket. When coming home, I asked Mak to make Acar Rebung. But… I forgot to buy Keropok Lundu. haish… 

Selfood #32 : Sago


Ever heard of Tumpik Lemantak? This is my favourite. Made of Sago flour and coconut shredded (is that a correct term? 😁). Yum yum… 

I just can’t let the leftover curry wasted just like that. What I did, I scooped some sagos and pour the curry onto it. Yeay… it’s so delicious! Have you tried?

Cheap skate hi-tea


Situation : It is in the middle of the month.You are in the office, all of the bosses are away for out station. The time is approaching to tea break time. Suddenly you are craving for something to eat. And then just like a bluetooth signal switch on, your colleagues also feel the same way too. Thinking the same thing that bothering your mind. 

Solution : Everyone chip in at least RM 1 and go buy Keropok Lekors and Fried Squids from the ‘Cucur Stall’ nearby the office. After that, makan-makan like you are in a hi-tea function. Hehe. 

p/s: Applicable only when the bosses are not around. 😝

Selfood #31 


That day me and my friend went to The House  Cafe. Situtated besides the Wisma Mahmud building. I ordered Rojak Ayam (RM6) from the Muslim stall. Yup, it tasted very good. 

Looks yummy, right. I love having Mee Udang (RM8) at Food Heaven, Plaza Merdeka food court. Look at the big portion. 😋

Have you tried Nasi Ayam Salad (RM7.++) at Vivacity Food Court? This is my favourite from the stall. Love the plain soup too. Amani also loves it.

Last Sunday, I’ve been craving to eat Laksa Sarawak. So we went to the J&J Stutong cafeteria. It was my first time tried their laksa and it’s good! Love the broth and the vercimelli. 😋 

Selfood #30


Hello lovelies!

Ain’t he cute? I mean the Kerokerokeroppi on the snacks? Nah.. didn’t bought it though. Perhaps next time. 

Rojak buah. First try at the Plaza Merdeka food court. Taste not bad. But it will be my first and last trying eating there.

When I am craving breads, I always end up here. Hi-Bread. I love the breakfast set here especially the hash brown. Love it to the max. ahaaha.

Are you a Candy Crush fan? Currently I’m playing Soda Crush. This is Candy Crush jellies. Didn’t bought it because it was too expensive. RM9.90 for a pack of jelly? I still can survive without it. hehe. 

Selfood #29 : Kluang Station


How are you my friends and readers?

This is Amani’s favourite dishes. Ayam Goreng Peng Peng. If you are wondering what is Peng Peng? It is refers to a chicken wing that looks like a pistol. She used to play with the chicken wing as a pistol and made a sound ‘Peng! Peng!’

So everytime we asked her what she would like to have? She would tell you ‘Ayam Peng Peng’. This time around we were having dinner at Kluang Station, The Spring. Those 6 pieces chicken wings cost for RM11.++ 

Normally we ordered Fried Chicken Rice but that day DearDear tried other menu. Chicken Chop with rice. I live the gravvy and the crunchy taste of the chicken. 

One thing I liked to dine here is because of the cozy place. Love the decor too. 




Last Saturday I made cookies for Eid. It was a must do recipe every year. Amani loves to eat the cookies.


I love it too. So I baked based on Famous Amos cookies recipe. Packed some for my mother in law, some for my friend and some for tester. Now it left only one container. It won’t be enough for Eid day. Haish.


Looks like I have to bake more this,weekend. 😁

Selfood #28: What’s for iftar?

Asslamualaikum. Hello lovelies!

If you are wondering what are my favourite iftar menu, here we go…


Twist potato with cheese. Loved this only from the old stall since it started operated in Kuching.


Apam Balik. With original flavours, chocolate and cheese. I prefer original..


And this is my top favourite. Fried mushroom. I don’t mind having this everyday. Lol!

Selfood #27 : Foreigner’s taste

Assalamualaikum lovelies!

Hope you are doing fine this Ramadhan month.


A month before puasa I went to have lunch at the Secret Recipe Padungan. I ordered Fried chicken salads and I could say this is the best I had among SR outlets.


And it came with free beverage. It was Iced Lemon Tea, yeap.. taste good too. It was exclude with the book, in case you are wondering. bahaha. 😂


It’s been awhile since I made homemade sushis. I know it was very simple but the ‘penyakit M’ really hold me from doing it. So a few weeks ago, I made sushi rolls again. Still didn’t satisfy me at all but there are two persons who requested me to sell it. Well  I have to refused the offer. I told them I have no confidence in food business. Perhaps, one day.