Happy Posto (Jan/16)

Assalamualaikum. How are you my friends and readers?

This is actually a late post from last year. I haven’t updated my happy mailbox for awhile.


 Since I have registered into Postcrossing, I have received postcards from overseas. Those were from Netherlands, India and Denmark. I love the tulip card the most. 🌷

And here are the stamps… 


And laso I received a postcard from my friend when she was backpacking at New Zealand. 

Another postcard I received was also from my friend who visited Korea quite recently. Colouring postcard is in trend nowadays. 

Do you have postcard for me? πŸ˜€ We could swap! 

I have more postcards to update here. Wait till I have finished organizing them all. πŸ˜—

Happy Posto (Oct.2015)

Assalamualaikum, good evening everyone. 

Yeay! I just registered myself into this postcrossing website. It’s a swap postcards website. Their concept is like thier taglines β€œsend a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person in the world!”

That’s it! Simple as that. I have sent two postcards and received two postcards. On top card is a postcard from Katya of Ukraine. The distance travel is 9,030km to my home. 

Another card is from Irene of Denmark. The distance travel is 10, 689km. Both cards were lovely. More cards collection after this. πŸ˜ƒ

Happy Posto (July 2015)

Assalamualaikum, dearest friends and readers.

I think this year I had a slow progress with snail mailing. One of my pen pal had back off due to a tight economical situation. She told me the postage was killing her since she was an unemployed. So I respect her decision. I’m still looking for more pen pals. Anyone interested? πŸ˜†

Recently, I received a rare Raya card from Tom. Tom – Ketrin, lol! That was our nicks during Myspace era. Yeah, we are still contacting each other. I really adore his photography. That day he mentioned if anyone wanted to have free Raya card from him, just submit the name on his instagram account. 

I didn’t waste the chance, so I took part but I didn’t managed to get that card. Luckily, he did reserved one for me. Ehee. Thanks again, Tom. 

And if you are into photography, I recommend you to follow his instagram @cakpucat I’m sure you’ll be mesmerised by his artworks. 

p/s: Ini bukan iklan berbayar ye. Lol 😝

Happy Posto (June 2015)

Assalamualaikum, anyeong everyone!

I’m still actively doing my postcrossing activity. Recently, I have received a very lovely and beautiful postcard from Nurhilal of Istanbul, Turkey. I always saw and heard that Istanbul is a beautiful place. I would love to go there one day. 

Another mail that I received was from Judy Vang, of California. She’s my new pen pal. Love the decos of her mail. Can’t wait to reply to her soon. 

Happy Posto May 2015

Hello everyone. How have you been today?

Yesterday, I received a mail from my pen pal of Bangkok, Thailand. Her name was Beam. She is my one and only pen pal from Thailand.

As usual, my pen pal loves to spoil me. The postcard is so cute, she also gaved me a handkerchief. Thank you, Beam. 😘

Anyone wants to be my pen pal. So far I only have two pen pals. The rest, missing in action. huhu. πŸ˜…

Happy Posto February 2015 – Catch up

February is my favourite month. I know it’s March already, trying to catch up my happy posto on February 2015.


I received my first February mail from my pen pal, Chanae of California. As usual, she would spoilt me with those fancy stuff. I liked them very much. She also sent me a photo of some flowers from her garden. Lovely! 🌻


A birthday card from Akma. Luckily it didn’t lost since my last parcel for her had lost somewhere. Very frustrating with the post office services, especially at Peninsular Malaysia. Well thank you Ama, a very cute card. 🐸🐸


Last but not least,at the end of February I received a postcard from Thailand. It was from my blog friend Angela. It was a very thoughtful of her to send me the card during her short vacation at Patong Island. Thank you Angela! 😻

Happy Posto December 2014

Hello everyone.

I just want to share my happy posto, received on yesterday.


This is from Angela of Singapore. It surprised me, because I didn’t expected any mail from her.


And she spoiled me with these things. I love every bits of it. The Ferero Roche chocolate (Christmas packaging), three crochet stars and a lovely Christmas Card. How lovely!! Thank you so much Angela. That is so sweet of you. 😘😘

Swap Teabags

Moshi moshi minna san!

Last week I’ve received a mail from Nadine of Philippines.


We agreed to swap teabags and some candies. She told me, she got them from her father. There were so many flavours but I got to choose only my favourites. Hehe. I can’t wait to taste them. In return, I gave her the Cameron Higlands teas and some strawberry candies too.