More doodles


How are you my lovely friends and readers!

Ome day, after fetched Amani from school she showed me her doodlework. When I saw it, I tried to be asked her what are those? She explained everything she drew. I was so touched when she never forget to include me and DearDear into her drawing. 🙂

I realised that she loves to doodle. This is what I caught from her book. This Nek Bang (my father)

Guess who is this? Lol. This is Usu Dos. (my youngest brother). 

And now… presenting… the new Me! lol! 

Pony Go


Happy weekend everyone.

While everyone is busy catching pokemon, my girl is so obsessed with My Little Ponies doll.

Here is her second catch. She told me it’s named Rainbow Dash. (OK, Mama is getting old. 😅) And then I started to search for the character names. Lol. 

We found this one and only at the Smart Bookstore, Kuching Sentral. She was so excited to see the pony is glow in the dark. 

And this is her first catch. I don’t remember the name. Sounds like Apple Pie, something like that. 😂 This one her Abah bought it for her at 100¥ store. 

She also bought Twilight, another mini pony she caught at Viva City. But she lost it, I think she had misplaced it in her grandparent house. Yup, she brings the ponies everywhere. 😁

My Amani


Hello lovelies. 😘

Recently I realised that Amani loves to make her face when taking picture. Especially her pouts.

I have no idea where did she learned to make that pout. (please don’t say it was from me. lol)

Almost all of the pictures had her face like that. 😅 

And at the end of the day, she became uncontrolabally sugar rush. 

Like a ‘makcik’ pose.

More ‘makcik’ ngegeh pose. Haish… 😅

#throwback : Rarest Raya


It was first time in my life celebrating Hari Raya in Halloween theme. Our last house for visiting that day, my cousin’s house. 

Don’t ask me why the theme. I bet because they both love children, that is the best way to attract children. Especially Amani. 

Amani really excited to wear the probs and taking photos. She told me it was a Monster High house. 

Some family monster for portrait. Lol! 

This year, she got along very well with my cousins. Unlike previous year, they had to ‘umpan’ her with sweets and chocs. 😂

Doll House


Happy Sarawak Day! 

When I was a little girl, doll house was so ‘in’ at that time. Especially Barbie house. I always dreamed of a doll house for my dolls. It was so expensive, and still expensive nowadays. I know my parent couldn’t afford to buy one for me. Therefore, my sister and I created our own doll house by using used box. 

Now I taught my daughter how to make her own doll house. I let her chose the wrapping paper and stickers. My job is to cut the window and help her to decorate the interior. Haha. I know it’s quite messy but it’s her job then. She decorated the fancy stickers glued the papers. Actually I made a door, but she insisted to cover it because she told me Maripossa’s house doesn’t have a door. They entered using a window. 😅 (Barbie Maripossa overload!)

This is the interior look from the window view. Got a hanging lamp, picture on the wall, a mirror and a single bed. Oh, there is Gigi (from Monster High) visitting Maripossa. 😂 

Little stitcher

Assalamualaikum. How are you my dear friends and readers?


If you still remember this picture I had posted months ago. Looks like Amani is doing a cross stitch. I just let her stitching and didn’t bother to correct it.


In the end, mama had to finish the stitching. 😅 If you spot some stitching were not so neat, I let it on purpose. That was Amani’s touch.


See the stitch on the basket? It’s cute though. 😁 Let her see it herself when she grows up.

After School Face


How are you my friends and readers?

Everyday I would fetched Amani from school. From then, I saw her mood keep changing. Perhaps people on that age also facing a bad hair day, like adult did.


I noticed that this girl has no phrase like Monday Blues in her life. She seems happy at the earliest of weekdays.


In the middle of the weeks, she would give this face when I fetched her. Asked her about how’s school, she wouldn’t respond it.


This is TGIF face. Lol! I wonder what made them so stressfull in school (at their age).


Very unlikely for us. Now I realised that MB and TGIF doesn’t apply to kids. Enjoy your weekend!

Teachers’s Day

Assalamualaikum lovelies!

On Mother’s Day, Amani told me she wanted to write a Mother’s Day card. I just gave her doodle book and let her write on it. When it was done, she showed it to me. Yeah, that’s me and her. Looks like we are in a sugar rush moment. Lol. Can you see ‘mirror’ M there? I sometimes worried that she kept on doing mirror writing. More practise, perhaps. 

On the weekend, I helped her to make gifts for her teachers. Last year, we had made Cactus bead cupcakes. So for this year, we were making Tulip Bead Cupcakes. 

Yeah, that’s the tools for making it. Pysla Beads, Cupcake cups, Playdough and artificial shells. Amani was on task to deco the shells. 

Ready for delivery.

She was so excited to give the cupcakes to her teachers. Along the way to her school, she kept on rehearsing how to wish her teacher. “Happy Teacher’s Day!” she said.

And for the potluck, I chose to pack fruits for them. As Amani always remind me to bring healthy fruits for them. 😅

Hair styles



Last week, when I fetched Amani from school I saw that her hair was tied into sugar cane styles. She told me her teacher made it. The day before, her hair was styled as in Elsa braids.


And then she asked me to braid her hair. However, I could only made a messy braids on her. Lol!

She wrote



So this girl have improved her writing skill. Well done, Amani. She loves to copy the signboard whenever she saw it. One day, she showed to me what she had written. ‘KFC’ 😂 Yeah, great. Now can sell ‘pantun’ like this to Abah.


And when she already know how to write, she would write on everything she saw. Proud mama. hehe