More ponies


If you followed my instagram account, you would found that Amani had added her new collection of My Little Pony. And please, don’t ask me what are the character names because I have no idea. 

I noticed that she loves the unicorn pony. Was it Twilight? Oh please… No idea too. ahaha.

And here is another one. Blue pony? 

She’s making a pony pout. 😙

Jojo The Cat

Assalamualaikum. Hello lovelies!

I have posted this picture before and mentioned that the cat’s name was Katniss. That is because this cat was so fierce, couldn’t be touch and helpless. It was so frustrating in the beginning because I couldn’t help to clean the cat. It kept on hissing on us and attempted to bite any hand that go inside the cage.

My sister in law found the cat the roadside. So dirty, smelly and lost. She took it and asked me whether I am willing to adopt it. I said Yes, of course. 😁 That’s how it end up to be my foster cat. hehe.

On the Eid day, my brother tried to tame it. Looks like he succeed and we discovered that the cat was a male. 😅 Which means, I had to forget on the name Katniss. My mother gave him the name Jojo.

Jojo is okay for him. Joni Depp? Lol! 😂 The next day after eid, I found him escaped from the cage. He hid behind the boxes and I tried to grab him. To my surprised he didn’t fought back. So I bathed him, ‘buang kutu’ and let him played inside the house. 

To this day, Jojo is free from ‘kutu’ and smells nice. He loves to play and very active. Very ‘manja’ too. Poor Jojo, he must be missing his mother. He still didn’t know how to drink milk from the bowl. I had to feed him with a pet milk bottle. I bet Jojo is still about two months old. 

So that is the story of Jojo the Cat. A siamese and once a stray cat. He is my cat crush. 😘

Little Science Project


One day Amani brought home her science project. It was green beans experiment. I remember that I was doing this experiment when I was in primary school. This time, my daughter had learned this at such a young age. That’s good!

She was excited to see the bean sprouts are really spouting. She even brought back to school to show it to her teacher.

I teased her that she must eat the beansprouts because it’s good for health. She then ran away and made her face. Lol! Another failed attempt to force her eating veggies.

More doodles


How are you my lovely friends and readers!

Ome day, after fetched Amani from school she showed me her doodlework. When I saw it, I tried to be asked her what are those? She explained everything she drew. I was so touched when she never forget to include me and DearDear into her drawing. 🙂

I realised that she loves to doodle. This is what I caught from her book. This Nek Bang (my father)

Guess who is this? Lol. This is Usu Dos. (my youngest brother). 

And now… presenting… the new Me! lol! 

Pony Go


Happy weekend everyone.

While everyone is busy catching pokemon, my girl is so obsessed with My Little Ponies doll.

Here is her second catch. She told me it’s named Rainbow Dash. (OK, Mama is getting old. 😅) And then I started to search for the character names. Lol. 

We found this one and only at the Smart Bookstore, Kuching Sentral. She was so excited to see the pony is glow in the dark. 

And this is her first catch. I don’t remember the name. Sounds like Apple Pie, something like that. 😂 This one her Abah bought it for her at 100¥ store. 

She also bought Twilight, another mini pony she caught at Viva City. But she lost it, I think she had misplaced it in her grandparent house. Yup, she brings the ponies everywhere. 😁

My Amani


Hello lovelies. 😘

Recently I realised that Amani loves to make her face when taking picture. Especially her pouts.

I have no idea where did she learned to make that pout. (please don’t say it was from me. lol)

Almost all of the pictures had her face like that. 😅 

And at the end of the day, she became uncontrolabally sugar rush. 

Like a ‘makcik’ pose.

More ‘makcik’ ngegeh pose. Haish… 😅

#throwback : Rarest Raya


It was first time in my life celebrating Hari Raya in Halloween theme. Our last house for visiting that day, my cousin’s house. 

Don’t ask me why the theme. I bet because they both love children, that is the best way to attract children. Especially Amani. 

Amani really excited to wear the probs and taking photos. She told me it was a Monster High house. 

Some family monster for portrait. Lol! 

This year, she got along very well with my cousins. Unlike previous year, they had to ‘umpan’ her with sweets and chocs. 😂