Cupcake for newborn

Hey ya! Fancy for some cupcakes?

Ooops… sorry. Those cupcakes are for newborn only.
What? Newborn??


Take a closer look. They’re onesies for newborn. hehe. Yesterday, one of our colleague decided to give a newborn gift for her friend. Well, she came to the right person. Ain and me suggested to make a cupcake box from onesie.

This is what happened when boss was not around. tehehe. A box of cupcakes is ready to savour. hehe.

Another from A&A Design. (Ain & Azura)  x)

Two years ago

I should have posted this entry yesterday… 12th October, 2013.
Two years ago, on 12th October, I gave birth to a cute baby girl Nurfatiha Amani


Weight at 3.75kg, normal delivery. I mentioned this as it not to be show off but until now, I still couldn’t believe myself. Most people would option for a Ceasarean. The last time the doctor scanned me, they said the baby would weight at 3.4kg

The first thing I saw when I had delivered her was her hair. I thought, what a thick hair… ahaha. And then I hold her, her cheek touched mine… it was so smooth.


DearDear waiting moment

Back on the day before I delivered her, I was warded on 11th October at 2pm. Remember my story when my water broke? Yeah, so we rushed to the hospital. I was warded because the opening was still 3cm, and the progress was soo slow. I felt a bit frustrated, I bet every mothers outhere when come to this situation.. all they want is to deliver asap. Couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

So the doctor told me, if the opening still no progress untill midnight, I had to be induced… force labour. huhu… As expected, I was induced. The contraction came from hours, from mild to the max… at the labour room, they provide a flat screen tv. At that time, ‘Bang bang boom’ was on aired, it should be a funny show but it doesn’t helped me to ease the pain. Almost every minute I would asked the doctor, “dah ka doctor?” (now it reminds me of the donkey in Shrek movie. He kept asking Shrek “Are we there yet?” lol). Luckily the doctor in charged on me is a cool type person. He told me “tunggu sekejap lagiik..” ayoo…

My cousin Naim (my bridesmaid) was there also before she went to work (she’s a nurse). And then DearDear accompanied me until the labour time. After 18 hours of a long waiting, at 8.09am finally I delivered a baby girl. Thanks to everyone who involved from the beginning to the end. Especially to my family, DearDear (very cool… ),  and to Naim (who really helping me a lot!).


Happy Birthday to my princess! Be a good girl, my dear. Mwah. xoxo.

I still remember…

Hello readers…
Have you ever feels that time flies so so fast? It’s already Thursday… Two days to go for Amani’s two years birthday. Yeah… two years ago, today was the day that I had started to feel the contraction. The pain started from behind my waist, and then it went to my back…

I remember I told DearDear that I couldn’t bear the pain anymore so he rushed me to the hospital. I can still feel the nervous feeling that night. The silent environment at the labour room. At two a.m. the doctor checked on me and he said it wasn’t the time yet. He told me to go home instead. I feel frustrated and went back home… bearing the pain day and night, crying… Praying… Me and DearDear had to slept on the couch because I could’t sleep in our room that time. I remember at 3 am everyday, I would woke up in pain. Given to me the ratings from 1 to 10, I would choose 9.5!  DearDear would try rubbing my back to slow down the pain. T.T

Yeah.. The pain continued until the next day in the afternoon, DearDear told me let’s get some fresh air. We were planning to try one restaurant that day… and then… as I wanted to get ready, I saw clear water running down to my feet… Ok. I will continue the story tomorrow. Hehe… Suspense sikit. Ahakz…


Do you guys remember this candy and the bubbles? Found them at the Kenyalang I bought the bubbles and decided to give them to my niece and nephew. I will tell them “This is our favourite toys back then. Your mother loves to squeezzed and paste this on to my head!” I hate it back then but I’m missing the memories.. Lol.

(11) PUPPP

Have you ever heard of PUPPP? Never?

I was never known it was existed before, not until I was diagnosed to have them during my 8 months pregnancy.

PUPPP (from Wikipedia) : Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy  is a chronic hives-like rash that strikes some women during pregnancy.

Highlight the word ‘chronic’ there. It is chronic I tell you.

It was not a normal rash which we normally can tolerate, but it was a really super-super terrible itch and rash. (from what I’d experienced)

Started from below of my abdomen and it spreads everywhere. The whole body of mine was itchy, I look liked having a skin disease.

Just imagined the itchiness I couldn’t bear, all I wanted to do was scratched myself until bleeding. It’s true.

I would scratch my body with nails, with comb (sampai patah) with everything I can!

My friend insist me to take a picture of this, supaya nanti bila Amani dah besar dia boleh tengok kesakitan mama dia tanggung masa pregnant kan dia. So this is the one and only picture I took. This was taken on my 8 months pregnancy.

At that moment, I cried almost every night. Poor DearDear had to consoled me every night because I told him I couldn’t bear it any longer. Back then I hope that was the first and the last to pregnant. So he applied lotion and sometimes he helped me to scratch. ahaha. Anything would made him useful at that moment. 🙂

I went to the pregnancy clinic, the doctor only prescribed me with a common rash. She gave me a lotion which I finished applied them one time. Luckily, my friend suggested me to meet Dr. Kon (skin specialist). Di situlah bermulanya, my first appointment with Dr. Kon. He looks sorry to see me then, and he said this is common complication for some pregnant mom. As long as it wouldn’t affect the baby, it was ok.

With his medicines, it helps a lot. The pain was less and he gave me tips how to handle the itchiness. “Kalau rasa gatal-gatal, jangan garu. Pukul tempat gatal or put some ice so that it will get numb” ahaha…

The appointment was continued until I had delivered Amani. You can tell, how welcome we were in that clinic. Every staff had known Amani, watching her grown up since in my belly. hehe… Now I’m a regular patient for that clinic. Thanks to them, for their warm and friendly service towards us.

(10) Like a Balloon

What do you see when looking at pregnant women (precisely yang tengah sarat mengandung)?

A jumbo gigantic elephant?

A big balloon?

Or… a woman whose suffering her whole body ached carrying an extra weight.

If only everyone had a thought of the last one, then pregnant women are indeed feels very welcome in this world.

In fact, the first and second option are always pictured in every one’s mind.

Betul tak? Sometimes boleh gelak-gelak lagi tengok orang mengandung yang tak balance bila berjalan.

One word for you (if you had this kind of thought) : CRUEL!

Well, I suffered enough especially during my third trimester.

I gained 30+kg from my normal weight. The last weight noted on my ‘pink report book (38 weeks)’ was 80.8kg!

8 months pregnant with my brother Edos.

I originally had a mild athritis on my right knee.

During my third trimester, I suffered joint paint on my left knee. Maybe because of the weight, I carried.

My feet started to swollen since I was 5 months pregnant. And it getting worst till the labour day.

I look like a balloon full with water inside… muhuhu.

Nonetheless, I manage to face the moment. Pregnant women are stronger I tell you!

Well, that’s not the point actually.

The point is, where are the concern Malaysian people?

I remember when I was in the shopping mall, I was tired and couldn’t bear to stand any longer.

So I was searching for a sitting spot. Lucky me to find one, but luck was not long enough for me.

There came a group of family berebut-rebut to take the place to sit. Bapak nya mak nya anak-anaknya… hambik kau semua lah.

I was standing there in hoping that they would concerned since I am pregnant at that time.

But huh! I think that stools were customized for their family. I guess they had engraved their name at the stool as well.

I pun mengalah, and just leaned against the wall. Pun…. nobody concern.

Second incident, I was going out from a shop. Went straight to the parking lot.

Suddenly, my dress was stucked at tayar motosikal. I was carrying things with both hands and couldn’t help myself to remove my dress.

There was an aunty at the back, and she just watched me struggling to escape. Lame!

Third incident, I was walking with imbalance weight when suddenly a mother with her children pass by me and hit me.

Do you think you are playing Angry Birds or what? Berpusing aku dibuat nya…

Bukannya nak sorry, she just went straight like nothing happen.

I had to hold against the wall to balance myself.

Some people who saw the incident, semua geleng kepala.

Pity me… pity us pregnant women.

So back to my question : Where are the concern Malaysian? I only see the typical Malaysian…

Penat je cekgu ajar naik bas, beri peluang orang tua or wanita mengandung tempat duduk….

Nak kena naik bas dulu kot. huh..

I hope by writing this thought, everyone outhere can see pregnant people very clearly.

Please see through tembus into their heart….please please please…

They’re struggling, they’re suffering.

They’re sensitive, they need support.

They need us!

Sekian, makseh.

(9) Prenatal Stimulation

Part (9), introducing sounds to my womb.

When my pregnancy was still at 2 months, DearDear was excited to buy me a headphone to be placed around my belly.

So I was demanded back then, I told him I want a white headphone and it must be not too tight.

Poor DearDear, the first one he bought was too tight, so he bought another one. (Don’t blame me why I was so demanding. I told you, everything must be precisely during pregnancy, if you were following my entries)

Until my pregnancy reached 6 months, I started the prenatal stimulation.

“Prenatal stimulation is a method that uses stimuli such as sounds (mother’s voice and musical ones), movement, pressure, vibrations, and light to communicate with a developing baby prior to birth.” Quote from

I found that many people using classic music as their stimuli. It depends on you actually. How you want to train your baby.

Well, I didn’t encouraged myself to introduce my baby through music. As a muslim, I’m trying my best to introduced her with some surah-surah from Quran. I want her to know Allah in the first place. Usually I put on Surah Maryam, Ayat Kursi and Surah Al-Fatiha. I did it every night after the Isya’ prayer.  I was making it as a routine for her.

Did she repond it well? Yess, she was like making a 360 degrees turning inside my belly. I even can feel that my belly macam berombak-ombak je kat dalam tu.  Hehe. Alhamdulillah…

I bet mommies out there had this experience s well.

Apart from that, we are encouraged to recite the Quran itself. Knows the meaning is a bonus for you.

I kind of started to recite Quran quite a bit late. I remember it was when I reached into second trimester I only started to recites Quran. It is because during my first trimester, I was so so weak after 6pm. Remember I’d abandoned my fb, blog and even reading materials during that time? For 3 months, I only lay on my bed. Like a queen. wuahahahhaa…

Almost every night I recites Surah Maryam, coz I really dreamed of having a baby girl then. hehe.

Alhamdulillah it is working.  Did you know Surah Maryam is a doa  for ease at childbirth.

Recitation during pregnancy

  1. SURAH AL-FATIHA – To light a strong heart & mind
  2. SURAH MARYAM – If a woman recites this surah in pregnancy, particularly during labour, she would not feel the pangs of delivery.
  3. SURAH AT-TAUBAH – To cleanse the soul and protected from evil
  4. SURAH LUQMAN – To obtain a faithful and intelligent child.
  5. SURAH YUSUF – To obtain good a soleh, a healthy, beautiful & perfect child.
  6. SURAH YASIN – For peace of mind and children are not influenced by Satan, the call to the vice. “Teach Yasin to your children, it is the bouquet of the holy Quran”, said Imam Jafar al Sadiq.

 Until now, I still reciting Quran for Amani especially when I want to put her into sleep.

I will recites Ayatul Qursi, Surah Al-Fatihah, Surah An-Nas, Surah Al-Ikhlas & Surah Al-Falaq. Not forgetting, to train her with the Doa Sebelum Tidur.

Alhamdulillah.. she sleeps very well.

(8) Live and Kicking

Part (8) – Quickening….. The first kick.

I started to feel the quickening when I was 5 months pregnant.

At first I didn’t realised it, until everyone was asking me ‘Dah ada rasa gerak-gerak sik?”

How should I know the feeling?  (I asked myself)

And then my mom and my mother in law told me the feeling was like something tickling at lower abdomen.

Owh…. kalau rasa mcm tu memang dah lama rasa dah… I thought it was because of gas or something.

Some people said it feels like popcorn popping, a goldfish swimming around, or butterflies fluttering.

All checked.

First time feel it, rasa geli…. hehehe. After I knew it was a baby movement, I kind of enjoying it.

The kicking becomes stronger each days.

The most active time was at night.  Especially after I read Quran for her and after I’m on ‘temptation’. ahaha.

Macam ada football match kat dalam perut.

Sometimes me and Dear-Dear will sit together and watched my belly movement.

She even responded toward us.  The joy and the feeling can’t be described into words.

It was so WONDERFUL!

Sometimes my belly was imbalanced.

I remember she always menyenget kat belah kanan.  It even took a longer times to readjust her back into position. huhu. So my mom said, kalau baby girl memang suka menyenget kat belah kanan.  Based on her experience.

Now, Amani memang suka kicking. Takpelah untuk melatih otot kaki dia kan…

p/s: Kalau suka sangat nak kicking, nanti Mama register Amani gi kelas Karate. muahahaha.


(7) Pencen movie (Temporary)

Movies that I don’t want to miss.  But I have to sneak into DVD shop soon.. =(  :

1) The Avengers

2) Dark Shadows

How I missed the moment of watching movies with my brother and DearDear especially during pregnancy.

During pregnant, I am a movie addict.

Although I would  feel uncomfortable, but I was still enjoying it.

I think, Amani was responding to the movie also that’s why she kicked me inside. ahaha.

Almost got a hip pain due to sitting for a long period and the cold temperature (that was while watching Transformers in 3D).

Fell asleep at the end of the movie (Almost every movies. The worst is The Green Lantern.)

I remember while watching Hantu Bonceng. That was when I was 7 months pregnant.

Laughing wasn’t the best remedy at that time. I laughed on Zizan and I had to embrace my belly. Because one : It hurts.  Two : I can’t stop laughing.  ahaha. Oh my… how lame. hehe.

Watching Korean Dramas is a must.

Ask my office colleagues, they would end up finding me watching K-Drama. ahaha…

Now I have to pencen movie first. For temporarily lah.  Wait until Amani is grown up. Then we’ll go to the cinemas together. Yippee!

(6) Honey Months

Second trimester was the honeymoon for me…. Since I’m talking about the 3 months (4, 5 & 6) pregnancies, so I called it honey months.

I could eat whatever I want. I also pass the MOGTT test.  Alhamdulillah….

Mostly I was active for the second trimester.

During 4 months pregnancy – I got the chance to join Dear Dear for an outdoor photography with Ayu & EE.

During 5 months pregnancy – I attended my friend’s wedding.

I even went to visit my hometown in Sibu.

Mostly when I bumped into my friends, they had started didn’t recognised me. Maybe muka dah semakin mengelembu… And if they saw, some of them didn’t realised that I was pregnant. hehe…

Shopping was still my favourite activity. Temptation keeps ongoing like there was no end to it. hehe

From these stages I had welcomed some major symptoms like leg cramps, finger pain and numbness.

Almost every night I had a leg cramps and the shooting pain was undescribable. huhu.  Dear Dear taught me to balas balik whenever I had a leg cramps.

As for the finger pain and numbness, it was the worst part I experienced during 2nd trimester. I couldn’t hold things.  Holding a pen was difficult for me.

My feet started to swell and it was getting worst until my late pregnancies…

During pregnancy, I mostly afraid if my athritis attack. Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan sedikit sepanjang pregnancies. Tak pernah pun athritis menyerang… Cuma swollen feet je yang buat rasa macam tak selesa nak berdiri or duduk terlalu lama..

p/s : Masa ni ramai yang membuat ‘tebakan’ that I was carrying a boy. Except for my mom, Freda’s mom and Kak Karina… Orang-orang tua selalu tepat… kan… My instinct as well. I had imagined that I was carrying a girl. hehe… 

(5) Dislikes

As promised, I continued part (5) with things I dislikes during pregnancy.

I dislikes or more likely using the word I HATE the smell of LEMON. Precisely the GLO Lemon Dishwash.

This is my number one enemy.

I had to banned this dishwash until Amani is delivered. haha.

My mother had to give to my sister another left out stock in our house.

My second enemy is Airwick Air Freshener Green

Those two smells really killing me then.

Rasa macam mencucuk-cucuk sampai ke otak.

Anything connecting with lemon or sour thing were also my enemies.

From that point I had an instinct that I was carried a baby girl.

My smell sense was very sensitive.  I could work with the police. (koatan kuat gilak deria bau tek)

There was one colleague in our office which I couldn’t get closer. Even he hadn’t enter our office or he had just leaving I just knew that he was there. Another colleague had a very annoying smell. Sometimes I could smell a liquor from him, and sometimes I smell him like a burnt rice. bwahahaha!!!

Itulah kelebihan yang ada pada wanita mengandung, tak ada pada orang lain. Subhanallah….