Sarawak Museum


I’m having Mee Brunei again yesterday. This time I chose yellow noodles instead of bihun. I think I prefer bihun. 

Okay, this is a late post. After our first visit to eat Mee Brunei, me and my colleagues decided to visit the museum. Since one of use here never entered the museum, so we took her and look around like a tourist. hehe. 

See, any chance people mistaken me like a tourist? hehe. This is the museum shop, my favourite. Lol!

This door is so big and very heavy, I bet. We were told that this door was carved by great grandfather of Orang Ulu, and his great grandchildren sold it to the museum. 

After that we went inside. This is the gallery for wooden carved dolls, from various ethnic in Sarawak. 

This doll called Dayung. I knew Dayung means a Girl or a Lady in Bidayuh dialect. Probably the doll was a girl. 

There was also a Rumah Panjang (Long House) in this museum. I would prefer the Long House at Sarawak Cultural Village. More realistic.

A replica of a bus, first public transportation in Kuching. 

An antique trishaw. 

My family!!! 🐸🐸🐸

Arigato minna san!


I know it’s already March. My birthday have passed. But I still want to thanks to these sweet people who gave me the birthday present this year. 

Thanks to my sister for choosing the white colour… I love whitee. And I can’t wait to decorate with this beautiful stuff.
Thank you Lina for the beautiful bracelet…  Love the colour and the black beads. 

I know what you’re thinking. That I am no longer a five years old girl. bahaha. All I can say, those were the most cute gift I’ve received this year’s birthday. Really love the froggy keychain, amd the Duck shirt. Thank you Ama. 😘

Another froggy added to my collection! The blue sado froggy and Love tree were from Jojie. Thank you!! 

Arigato minna san!! 

2016, Me Birthday

Assalamualaikum lovelies.

15th February, 2016… it was my xxth birthday. Hehe. Guess my number for this year? Perhaps you will win some gift from me. Thanks to all the wishes and pray on my birthday.
From the picture above, you could see little me was having the third birthday together with my mother, my sister and my eldest brother. I was the youngest at that time. My mother never missed to celebrate our birthdays. She would baked a cake and fried chicken was a must have dish.
I was told that on the day I was born, my mother had to drive herself to the hospital because my father was outstation in Japan. I could not imagine how strong and brave my mother was that time. Gave birth without a husband by her side, it must be very hard for her. But she never complaint. I am very proud of my mother.I really adore her. My father only learned about my born by receiving a telegram sent by my late grandfather, which was a month later.

I did not have a proper celebration that day. I went home and bought two slices of cakes for me and my mother. Β Including Amani, we blow the candle together.

Many thanks to my friends and my brother for those gifts. You guys really made my day. 😘

Talent Day & Ihtifal 2015

Assalamualaikum. Moshi moshi minna san!


Alhamdulillah, Amani has completed her class for this year. On 15th November, she had participated in the talent show. In the beginning of the show she was holding the tears.


Fortunately, at the end of the show she had started to warm up. I could see that she was enjoying the show with her friends. Good girl!


On the Parent – Teacher meets, I received her exercise books and artworks including this piece of art. I was laughing and started to tease DearDear in front of Amani.
“Hahaha. Look at Abah’s face here.”
And then DearDear told me to look at the picture carefully. The stickman is,wearing a skirt, he said.
DearDear: “Ask her who is it?”
Me: “Amani who is this?”
Amani: “That’s Mama.”
Me: 😅 Okay.. I get that. Mama looked so happy. I even winked my eye.

Birthday Month

Assalamualaikum, hello lovelies!


It’s birthday month for DearDear, Amani, my nephew Emir and my mother in law today. Few of my friends also celebrating birthday this month. Happy Birthday lovelies!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Amani and Emir birthday at the beach. I chose Frozen cake for her, and it was her wish to have the cake for her birthday.


The kids surely had fun spending their times together in the pool. Amani wasn’t afraid of getting inside the water anymore. Yeay!


On her birthday date, I took an off day to bring her to a clinic for yearly checkup. After that, we went to the Cloud 99 Ice Cream Cafe. That was a treat for her. An ice-cream!

#tbt Polly Pocket

Assalamualaikum, hello lovelies!


Looks familiar? Every 90s kid must have known this toy. This is my favourite Polly Pocket. I’ve been keeping this toy for over than 20 years. I got it from my Uncle. Back at that time, this toy was so expensive. Not many kids can afford to have it. I was lucky, when my uncle let me chose any toy from the toy section. It was inside the first Parkson building in Kuching back then. Without second thought I chose The Hair Salon, Polly Pocket. And I still remember my sister told me to put it back, and choose other toy which cost less expensive than that. Luckily my unlce found out that we argued, he said ‘never mind’ and here it is…. my vintage toy. πŸ˜†


I only let Amani play with it once awhile. Not ready to give it to her yet. Not until she is at least 7 years old. That was my age when I had Polly Pocket. 😊 Anyway, thanks Uncle Nor Eagles, for the toy. It is something that reminded me of your kindness. 

#tbt Raya during 1980s

Assalamualaikum, lovely friends and readers.  

Ever wonder how do our Raya photo look likes during 1980’s? Back then I was still the youngest from three. My neighbour were still calling me ‘Baby’. πŸ˜† Yeah, that cheeky face. Lol! 

Can you spot the Queen Anne set on the table? As I remember, every house has the Queen Anne set to serve the food including fruit cakes. Queen Anne set was very popular back then, and nowadays it’s kind of vintage. 


It’s always been in my dream to have a comfy shoes. The moment I saw Toms shoe, especially the floral pattern, I have keep in mind that one day I’m going to buy myself a pair of Toms. 

Here’s Toms. I found it at the bundle from USA shop at The Hills. I was so thrilled to see it and it was ‘cun-cun’ my size. And it was still in a good condition. I paid the shoes only for RM8! To make the story longer, after paying the shoes, I left it on the counter. It made me miserable for awhile. After work, I went again and asked the owner about the shoes. “Luckily you come back!” she told me. Yeah, am so lucky!! 

I guessed the shoes and me are destined to be together. Here’s me, taking a shoefie with Toms. I love you Toms… now it’d became my trusted walking companion. πŸ‘£

#tbt : Childhood Game

Throwback Thursday!

How many of  you have played this game before? This is one of my favourite childhood game. We called it ‘Cengkek’. In Peninsular Malaysia, they called it ‘Teng Teng’. In English, I just learned it from my sister that this game is called ‘Hopscotch’.

Whatever it is call, this game is so much fun. We used to draw the lines on the  road using chalks. Back in those days, we the childrens were so creative. We create our own game, no need gadget to install the games. I bet kids from new generation have no idea about this game. 

tbt: 1982

My Throwback Thursday’s entry appears to be a polaroid picture of me and my mom, grandmother, my eldest brother, sister and my late grandfather. 


I was 8 months in the picture. The picture was taken at my grandparents house in Sibu. Kampung Bandong, precisely. The place where I grew up until I’m eleven, the three of us were taking care by our grandparents. Now it’s almost a year and a half that I haven’t visited my hometown. Kinda miss my ‘kampung’ already.