Sophie Kinsella books

I am aiming to collect all of Sophie Kinsella books.

Here is my updated list.

The one with crossed line is considered as mission accomplished. 🙂

Shopaholic Series

  1. Confessions of a Shopaholic
  2. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
  3. Shopaholic Ties The Knot
  4. Shopaholic & Sister
  5. Shopaholic & Baby
  6. Mini Shopaholic
  7. Shopaholic to the Stars

Stand Alone Novels

  1. Can You Keep a Secret?
  2. The Undomestic Goddess
  3. Remember Me?
  4. Twenties Girl
  5. I’ve Got Your Number
  6. Wedding Night

Madeleine Wickham

  1. Cocktails for Three
  2. Sleeping Arrangements
  3. The Wedding Girl
  4. The Gatecrasher
  5. Swimming Pool Sunday
  6. A Desirable Residence
  7. The Tennis Party

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