Finally, finally…. finally… my bookshelf is loaded with drugs.
May call it a drugshelf? Better. hehe.
Took ages to clear, sorting, makeover the shelf. It used to be a ‘junkshelf’ before. And now, I have turn it into my drugshelf and my crafty workspace (70% needed on that part. gih gih gih).

Come, let’s have a sneak peek at my little heaven…

My Sophie Kinsella collections. I have completed collecting the stand alone books. My favourite so far is I’ve Got Your Number. hehe. And the mission is still going on, to complete the Shopaholic series. I only have two from the series. Also, would love to collect her books with her other name ‘Madelaine Wickham’.


This is my Amanda Hocking collection. My first book of her is the Switched, from the Trylle series. Yeah, didn’t complete it as well. Need to find for Torn and Ascend. Looking forward for a bargain sale next year. hehe. However, I managed to complete the Watersong series. Yay!


Hey, there’s a section for Malay book as well. I read anything, never bias on reading materials. In fact, it will widen our knowledge. I only took picture on my favourite Malay author, Ramlee Awang Murshid. Hmm… another incomplete for the Laksamana Sunan’s dwi-trilogy. The first book – Bagaikan Puteri, if any of you want to let go the book… please… contact me. hehe.


There you go… all have been loaded into the bookshelf. And…. there are still more empty spaces lah. That means, I can still shop for more books next year!!! Yeahuuuu…. (DearDear, please be sporting… 😉 )

p/s: Added to my new year resolution. x)

Enjoy your weekend!
Azura Chan. xoxo



This is my November 2013 Drug. Elegy by Amanda Hocking. The last book from the Watersong series.

I think I prefer Trylle Series rather than this series. It was stated that there’ll be a battle between the mortals and the sirens. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself into the arena.

The last book was full of romance which I think is not necessary to describe. She should have focus more on the way how to break the curse instead.

Well, I only gave 4 stars for this book.

What’s your current reading?

Hugs: Azura Chan. Xoxo


Hah! After taking a long time to finish the malay novel, finally I can have my precious moment with this drug.


This is my July II 2013 Drug: Tidal by Amanda Hocking. I’ve been waiting for so long to read this sequel of Lullaby. Hopefully it won’t dissapoint me. Now, let me enter the world of sirens…. splosh splosh!

March II Drug 2013


March II 2013 Drug : Lullaby by Amanda Hocking

Fan of Amanda Hocking…. must have this book. First of all, you must read the first book of The Watersong Series – Wake.

It’s all beyond your perception. All this while, we thought mermaids were like angels but in this book mermaids enchant human with their voice and kill human. Why? I leave you guys to explore it. hehe…

Well, for some of those who had read the first book, and found that it was a bit slow… don’t give up. The second book reveals more. There were some funny part as well and I must say this… I like Daniel. muahaha… I think there’s something about Daniel which is yet to be reveal in Tidal and Elegy. Yeap.. it’s a quartet!

Can’t wait to read Tidal. -_-

November I Drug 2012

Moving on moving on!

I’m approaching my 2012 Reading Challenge from Goodreads. Yeay!

Welcome November.  Finally I could sit back and relaxing my mind with the final book of The Trylle Series.

November I 2012 Drug : Ascend by Amanda Hocking.

Had a sneak peek at the end of the book (my bad habit… ;-p), I think I’m going to love the ending. weheee!

p/s: My review of the last book I’ve read : The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo review.

October IV 2012 Drug

Wake by Amanda Hocking.

I’m going into fantasy land! hehe.

After reading the Trylle Series, I have become a fan of Amanda Hocking.

If you’re into fantasy (like me), this book is for you. Well, all of Amanda Hocking books are for you.

This book is something like modern mermaids.

There’s a character I guessed I’ve already falling in love with….

Daniel. From the way the author described about him, he is just like Abarai Renji?

Who? This guy leh…

My boyfriend in Bleach. Wuahahaha!

Here goes my imagination again… muhuhu.