Temptation #20: Yukimi Bento Set

Once a while ‘tukar angin’.
On Ramadhan 12/1434H, we were having iftar at Yukimi’s. What I loved the most in here is the Salmon Bento Set.


Whenever I came here, I’ll order this bento set. This portion cost only RM8.90 (correct me if I’m wrong). It came with the plain rice, tamago, fried udon, seaweed, grilled salmon and soup. Yummeh!

If you’re looking for Halal sushi/japanese food, Yukimi is the answer. Gerenti Halal… Because it’s own by Muslim and they did not use ‘mirin’ in their menus.

They have opened their new outlet inside the Kompleks Islam building… that’s the one we went last Sunday.