2016, Me Birthday

Assalamualaikum lovelies.

15th February, 2016… it was my xxth birthday. Hehe. Guess my number for this year? Perhaps you will win some gift from me. Thanks to all the wishes and pray on my birthday.
From the picture above, you could see little me was having the third birthday together with my mother, my sister and my eldest brother. I was the youngest at that time. My mother never missed to celebrate our birthdays. She would baked a cake and fried chicken was a must have dish.
I was told that on the day I was born, my mother had to drive herself to the hospital because my father was outstation in Japan. I could not imagine how strong and brave my mother was that time. Gave birth without a husband by her side, it must be very hard for her. But she never complaint. I am very proud of my mother.I really adore her. My father only learned about my born by receiving a telegram sent by my late grandfather, which was a month later.

I did not have a proper celebration that day. I went home and bought two slices of cakes for me and my mother. Β Including Amani, we blow the candle together.

Many thanks to my friends and my brother for those gifts. You guys really made my day. 😘

Birthday Month

Assalamualaikum, hello lovelies!


It’s birthday month for DearDear, Amani, my nephew Emir and my mother in law today. Few of my friends also celebrating birthday this month. Happy Birthday lovelies!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Amani and Emir birthday at the beach. I chose Frozen cake for her, and it was her wish to have the cake for her birthday.


The kids surely had fun spending their times together in the pool. Amani wasn’t afraid of getting inside the water anymore. Yeay!


On her birthday date, I took an off day to bring her to a clinic for yearly checkup. After that, we went to the Cloud 99 Ice Cream Cafe. That was a treat for her. An ice-cream!

Birthday 2015

Moshi moshi!


This year I have double numbers in my age. Thank you for the birthday wishes and some gifts from my friends. I did not celebrate it, because on my birthday my knee pain came again. So I just stayed at home and most of the times lying on my bed. Sad day… πŸ˜ͺ However at night my brothers brought home a birthday cake and KFC take away. How sweet! 😍 Amani was very excited and she sang a birthday song to me. Thank you my brothers…


I love to reward myself during my own birthday. These bracelets were some of them. They are so lovely and I just couldn’t resist myself to buy them. 😁


Another reward for myself is this comfy shoes. Actually I’ve been dreAming to buy Toms’ shoes. Since I couldn’t find any Toms outlet in Kuching, so I opted to buy BUM Equipment instead. It’s okay, ala ala pun jadilah… And please be nice to me, dear shoes. 😌

There is one thing I need to reward myself. My drug. It’s a must. Hehehe. There are some on my lists, I just can’t choose the best of it. Can you help me to choose? I can only buy one book for my birthday month. Here’s the list:-
1. The Bane Chronicles – Cassandra Clare
2. Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell
3. Black Ice – Becca Fitzpatrick
4. To all the boys I’ve loved before – Jenny Han
5. The unbecoming of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin
6. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs

There you go. It’s hard to choose. Lol! πŸ˜‚ If you have any suggestion or recommendstion, please tell me. Thank you in advance! 😊

Belated Birthday

Hello lovelies!


Last week I bought a mini Hello Kitty cake for Amani. She wasn’t awared of the surprises at first. When we reached home, DearDear and I started to lit the candles. Three candles.. yeap.. three years old.


Look at the face. So excited to see the cake was for her. Before this, she’d been watching the Upin Ipin cartoon “Hari Istimewa” (Upin Ipin’s birthday) everyday. Like giving a hint that she haven’t blow the candles this year. Lol!

She was so happy and loved the Hello Kitty cake. Happy Belated Birthday munchkin! Mmuwah. xoxo.

Princess’s Birthday

Hello everyone!


Yeah, it’s my little princess’s birthday today. Happy Birthday sweetie! Today she turns three. People always thought she was 5 years old. Well, nope. She’s three. 😜


No celebration for her today. We’ve postponed it until next week because DearDear is outstation. Well, it doesn’t stop her from receiving her birthday presents. Ok, there’s little Emir in the picture as well. He will turn one years old this coming Tuesday. So Happy Birthday to Emir too!


And.. not forgetting to wish a Happy Birthday to my dearest friend and business partner : Ain 😊 Whom sharing the same birthday with Amani. They’re October babies! I am surrounded by many October babies, including DearDear, my mother in law, nephews, cousins and friends. How do I find their character? October baby seems to be super hyper active, talkative and fun to be with! Lol!

Thank you -you

My birthday had been past over a week.
But I’m still in my birthday month, and I would like to make a special post on my birthday gifts.

I received a lot of thoughtful and beautiful gifts from wonderful people around me. Thank you so much!


I received gifts from my mom and DeaDear. A handbag and a denim blouse. I like those gift very much, since I am really needed a new handbag and I was longing to have a denim blouse for quite some time. eheee…


I also received more wonderful gifts from my friends and office colleagues. Most exciting when I saw the ‘drugs’ from my wishlist of ‘drug’. I bet they had hunt down my blog. hehe. Love love love love them so much!!!! Thank you girls!


Not forgetting a swap birthday gift from Linda. We had agreed to swap birthday gift since we celebrate the same birthday month, so we deal it. Thank you for the lovely gift, Linda. Your birthday is tomorrow, but I have to delay a bit your present due my quarantine process here. muhuu…


I have my own birthday wishlists. If you are my instagram follower, you might had seen the wishlist post I made. Lol! Perhaps I am inspired by Becky Bloomwood (Shopaholic series). Indeed, this is a reminder for myself. I like to reward myself by buying my own birthday gift.Clockwise : Chanel Lipstick, Cath Kidston handbag, SK-II Facial Treatment Esence & Lycra Praying Veil.


Well, someone had granted my wishlist. It was my aunt who lived in KL, sent me two praying veils to me. Ibstead of wishing one, I got two!!  That is Amani, wearing the veils for photoshoot. Hehe. Thank you Aunty!! So sweet of you.

Yeap, the second thing granted was the SK-II  Facial Treatment Essence. I bought it myself. Hehe. This is the first time I’m trying the product. Never had a chance to buy it before as the price is so…. umm… you know. ^_~


(Picture from Pinterest). Another reward gift that I am looking forward is…. The Divergent Series box set. Yeay! I am currently into this series that I couldn’t sit still until I get the books on my hand. Eheee…


(Picture from Pinterest). Special thanks to you for the birthday wishes, and most importantly for reading my blog. Thank you – you….

Birthday Getaway

On my birthday, I had planned for a weekend getaway at Damai Beach Resort. It was something that I look forward, for the three of us.


I guessed it was just my day. We had a chalet which was facing the sea view. I was very excited! I love the room, very comfortable for three of us. See the first picture on top? I love sitting at that place and watching the outside view. How I wish I have a room like this.


After we checked in, we went to the Damai Central for lunch. There is a foodcourt and a few shops but the price is killing! Well, we had no choice but to buy from the limited shops. As you can see, the trademark of the place is the arch of the big hornbill. It’s a must to take picture of the trademark.


In the evening, we had a walk along the sea shores. Capturing the beautiful views of the beach. It feels soothing…


I love taking picture of trees. I found that tree is a unique subject. It’s natural… Agree with me?


That’s us! Hehe. Amani was still afraid of the water. She’d being clingy to me all time. haish…


The next morning, we woke up surrounded by a beautiful view. As you can see, it’s a Mount Santubong on the background. After having breakfast, we went to the beach. At first, Amani was crying and doesn’t want to walk on her own. I just forced her and let her played with the sands. Still, she’s being stiff and couldn’t go far from us. huhu.


Doodle time!! This activity somehow distracted her fear for a while. She was having fun doodling on her own. πŸ™‚


Amani with her ‘Kakak’. That’s a barbie name given by her. I must let Kakak had fun together with her. Otherwise, she would feel insecure. muhuhu.


At noon, we checked out from the resort. Before heading home, Amani asked me to take a picture of the archs. I bet she loves the arts.


Off we went home. I took a few pictures from the way to Kuching. Another Mount Santubong shot for you… There were few stalls on the roadside, we stop by to have Coconut juice and bought some Jeruk (prickles).


Now, that’s me and Amani signing off for today. I hope you enjoy reading this entry and sightseeing the views I had taken.

Till then…

Azura Chan. xoxo

My Birthday’s Eve

Hello friends and readers….
Well you must be wondering, whether I receive a flower or not during my birthday eve? The answer is yes. x)


No surprises, no romantic treats… no sweet words. I chose the flower, and he bought it for me. Lol! Told you, we are not a romantic couple. ;-p


However, I still appreciate his effort for taking us out and had dinner together. I odered my favourite Spaghetti Carbonara. Yummz!!


This is just enough for me. Spending my special day with my special one… Both of them are my other half.


I feel grateful for having a chance to live another year with my loves. Thank you DearDear. I love you no matter what. Thank you Amani. I know you still don’t understand what’s life now, but Mama still want to thank you for being you. Perhaps, you will stumble upon this blog when you grows up. I want you to know that Mama love both of you.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, and your prayers… I pray that your life will be greater as well.

Azura Chan. xoxo

Hello February!!


February is my most favourite month. It’s the month of love and happiness. It’s not so in the beginning of the year, not also in the middle of the month and lastly it’s absolutely not in the end of the year. It’s just so perfect to stay as February.

One thing I love about February is that my wedding anniversary is on the February 12th. For this year, we’ll celebrating our fourth anniversary. My mind already has so many plan for us. ^_~


And of course why do I love February is because, my birthday is on the February 15th. Need I say more? Hehe.


I have so many plans to do within this month. Saw this challenge from Pinterest and I think I’m going to join this. But I’ll be taking this challenge via my Instagram. =)


I had agreed with my blog friend Linda, to swap birthday gift. For those who was born in February, I welcome you outhere to join me in this game. It will be fun! ^^, There will be no rules, simply swap gift and I’ll post about it in my blog. Anyone interested can email me for address : nazuramn@yahoo.com


Last but not least, don’t forget my Birthday Giveaway! I’m giving you a Jar of Love. Ok, I’ll you a hint on what’s inside the jar. My birthday is on the 15th… I might exposed or make a sneak peek post about the gift, everyday until Day 15. Get the hint? There’ll be more than one gift!!! Hurry up guys, start joining my giveaway before it ends.


I hope February will bring us more happiness and love. Till then, xoxo.

Azura Chan. ^_Γ—

Birthday in school

Hi peeps.
It’s weekend again. Sadly had to go to work today. uhuu..
But I’m still here, weighing a decision wether to go to work or not. DearDear is travelling, my father is not well, mom is fully occupied with my father’s condition. Amani has no one to babysit. Sigh~

Speaking of Amani, yesterday she received a birthday present from her teacher. Her nursery had organized a June – October birthday party.


I only managed to make egg sandwiches for them. It’s the easiest menu. huhu. When we were back at home, I unwrapped the gift and found a cute pink towel. =)

p/s : Look at her front hair. uhuuu… it’s not easy to cut her hair. But I found that the Paramore’s lead singer has the same hair like this. Lol!

p/s: Found my decision. Not going to work today. Fullstop.