Book fair challenge!

Hello everyone! 😊

I’ve received an email from The Hills management about the activity that will be held on November and December 2014.

Well, well… this adverts surely attract my attention.


If book lovers in Peninsular can go craaazy over Big Bad Wolf Sales, we in Kuching can also get excited with this event! The annually second hand book fair. 😹

As for this year, I have made a strategy before going to the book fair. It’s more like a challenge for me not to grab any books and stash them into a basket. Lol! So I’ve written down the list of ‘Books that I have on my shelf’ and ‘Books that I want to buy’. The second strategy is, to bring ‘not quite enough’ money. I know I will regret about this later, but if I’m not doing this, I’ll tend to buy more than the books on the list. I still have over 20 unread books on the shelf which I bought from the book fair previous years ago. Sigh~


So last night I went to The Hills. Tada! I made it! All of these books cost only RM52! 😍 Well done, Azura!

Second Hand Book Fair

Hello readers.
In the middle of this year, I have been waiting for the Second Times Around Book Fair where they were usually organized it at Crown Square. No they didn’t held it around that time but they have changed it this month instead.


The venue also different from previous years. They held it at The Hills. I only managed to chip in our lunch break and browsed as fast as I could. Wuwu..


Here’s the catch of the day! More new books this time. Marian Keyes, Jodi Picoult, Dan Brown, Khaled Hosseini… all prices were below RM10. I still wanna make another round but… sad sad sad.. when we don’t share the same interest with our partner. T.T


While browsing the books, there was a donation box provided. It’s a unique box. A good way to attract people to do the donation.
p/s: Book sales seems here and there. Someone help me!!!

Bookfair and Kids

There’s a bookfair at The Summer Shopping Mall, Kota Samarahan from Smart Bookshop. We went there on the second day of the book fair. Quite sad because I only managed to grab only two books. Yeah, two books while all the prices for the hardcover and paperback books are RM8!!!


You must be wondering why I only bought two books. A book addict will buy at least 5 or 10… Well here’s the reason why… While I was browsing for my favourite title, on my other hand I had to carry Amani. If I let her down she’ll keep tagging me to go somewhere else. And then DearDear helped me to carry her. He also cannot ‘tahan’. And then I saw a father carry her daughter in a trolley. I thought it was a good idea but not long after that her daughter crying for bored. Oh.. poor us book worm parents.


I hope the organizer could look through to this situation. They should provide one section for the children to play around while their parents going crazy over the books. Lol!

Popular Book Fair 2013

Another Popular book fair is being held in Kuching from 24th May until 3rd June 2013.
I’ve been twice time a day there. The first trip was with my office colleagues. The second trip, I brought along Amani and Yaya.


Overall, it dissapointed me. It have so limited choice and the price are still higher. Couldn’t really excited to buy rebate books indeed. Look at Amani… O have to monitor her arranging things on the floor. Sigh~


So here’s my catch for the day. Managed to grab only 4 novels, some fancy stationeries (my weakness), children books for Amani, Yaya and Adam.

I’m planning  to make another trip before it ends next week. Hopefully there’ll be a new stock. 

Drug Fair

Yesterday DearDear took me to the Popular bookfair. (as promised ^^)

From clockwise.

  1. A bit frustrating lah because it was not as I expected.  Maybe I came at the end of the promotion week (today is the last day in Kuching).  I’m so envy with the Chinese Book Section, as they conquered half of the space.  I wish I could read in Chinese, joining them crazy over the promotions.
  2. DearDear insisted to buy The LED Book Light because he always saw me sneaking and reading with the dim light while Amani’s sleeping. hehe… This gadget is never in my list by the way. muhuhu.
  3. I can only grab two books. The Nanny Diaries and The Gift. I’m a bit frustrated with the selling strategy.  On the 50% section, the term is you must buy one book at original price in order to get the half price for the second book. On the 70% section, you must at least buy 5 books in order to get the 70% price. Huh… I haven’t pay day yet. So I just grab the two books. Very sad… sad sadddd…… 😦
  4. Bookmark maker.. Love it.. hehe.
  5. Not forgetting buying book for Amani as well. Silly Shark! as it called. It’s a bath book. 😉

I wish there is a big book fair in Kuching just like in Peninsular Malaysia. muhuuu