September 2014 Drugs

Updating my September III & IV 2014 Drug.


September III 2014 Drug : Bercakap Dengan Jun. This book is really cool. I like the way he narrates the story.


September IV 2014 Drug : Awan by Syafiq Aizat
This is the sequel of Ajaib. I prefer this book rather than the first one. The author really have many brilliant ideas.

More reviews on my Goodreads account. Looks like I am more into Malay urban book nowadays. And I am gonna hunt for more books.

The addiction

The addiction seems have no ending. I bought another books from online.


Both of them were on my wishlist. While I unwrapped the package that day, DearDear peering behind me.”New books?” he asked. I said Yes. And then he started to nag me about my addiction. About my other ‘unread’ books, about no place to keep the books… T.T

How I wish I have my own bookshelf so that I can display the book neatly. How I wish people would understand the desire to buy and hold books  just like me..

How I wish…. my wish will be granted. O:-)

Bila Abah mengajar Amani

Yesterday was a restless Saturday.  Today I prefer a  lazy Sunday….

Kalau Mama dan Abah nya book worms, Amani must be trained as a book worm also. hehe.

This is the second book I bought for Amani after the Bouncy Garden.

One day, without my absence my mom saw DearDear tengah mengajar Amani reading this book.

It goes something like this…

Abah : Amani Amani… apa tok?


Abah : Amani Amani… apa tok?


Abah : Amani Amani… apa tok?

“Roti kebennnnn”

Mama : [speechless] ………………………

March 2012 Drug

March drug for this year.


Sugar & Spice from Jules Standbridge. It was a gift from Akma. I thanked her for giving me such a delicious drug. By reading this book, makes me eager to bake and had a dream to become a passteure. Well, currently my temptation is Blueberry Cheese Tart.


I just print out the recipe and plan to bake it this weekend. Weheee.. P/s: Flipping through a cookbook is my favourite. Hehe.