Paperclip Bookmark


I love bookmarks. I lost count on my bookmark collection. Still, it won’t stop me for making my own bookmarks. I learned the idea from Pinterest. Here are what you need : 

  1. Paper Clip
  2. Fancy Paper
  3. Glue 
  4. Sticker, Button, Ribbon, Lace, Deco Tape 

Cut into rectangle shape, fold into one and glue it together at the paper clip. Finish? Not yet…

Here comes the fun part. Deco them with buttons, laces, ribbons, tapes or stickers… Amani did helped me some. Simple as that. I bet you are wondering why making so many of them. Yeah, I’m selling the bookmarks. 😊

And…. this is my most favourite. Love the greeny floral pattern and the green snail. 🐌🐌🐌 This bookmark suits to a slow reader like me. 😂

Ribbon Bookmarks

My new bookmark.. 😊


I have so many used / leftover ribbons at home. I also love buying cute buttons. I don’t know how and when the idea of making this ribbon bookmarks came to my mind. When it’s done, I just adored and fancied it. Hehe.


If you have leftover / used ribbons, cut it about 20cm long or according to your own prefered length. And then fold it together, stick it with double tape and glue. (Yes, use both materials so that it will become hard)


Now, this is my favourite part. Choose some fancy buttons and matched them with the ribbon. Glued it together and leave it to dry.

Peanut! Now I can ‘show-show’ my new fancy bookmarks. 🍭🍬🍓😊