Postcards for pen pals

I have promised to my blog friends Angela and Marian that I will be sending postcards for them. So the postcards hunting begun for the past few weeks.

Later that I found, it was hard to find postcards nowadays. I went to the bookstores but found none of it was selling postcard.

So I went to the Main Baazar @ Craft Baazar to continue the hunting. Only a few shops were selling postcards, and the postcards were faded. I am soo sad to see this. This is not a good impression for tourists when they’re visiting our country.

Last weekend, I went to the Plaza Merdeka. There I found a souvenir shop, so I went to see it. Luckily I found there were so many postcards, souvenirs which is not ‘faded’. The most important thing is the price was so good. Like buy 3 for RM5, Buy 4 for RM10. Good marketing strategy!

So here’s my caught for the hunting.


A Sarawak Museum. The museum is located in the middle of the city.


The Cats Monument. This is also can be found in the middle of the city. A trademark when you come to Kuching.

Those postcards are on their way to the owner. Hopefully they will like it. 😉

I have plenty of postcards and souvenirs to swap/trade. If any of you interested to join the circle, do email me ( and we will start the swap activity. Would love to hear from you soon…