Bracelets addiction


I am a bracelet lover. I don’t know how many bracelets do I have. Whenever I saw fancy bracelets, I would buy at least one. Here is the latest I bought from Bespoken Handmade. 

It’s a customized name on a pendant bracelet. You can choose your own favourite colour and design. Well, of course I chose mint green beads. I’m so in love with this. Suprisingly, the seller lived just near to my house. She just drop in my bracelet into the mailbox. Hehe. Hopefully I can meet her in person someday. 

Spotted on a booth selling bead bracelets in Viva City during fasting month. One bundle cost RM24. So I bought two bundles and gave some to my mom. Hehe. 

My favourite from the bundles. Those colour… 💚 

That day when I went back from baking shop during fasting month, I spotted on the accesories booth in Plaza Merdeka. Tada, bought three bracelets! One for my mom. She is a bracelet lover too. Here is my favourite side of the bracelet, the rose charm. 🌹

Another bracelet that I bought is this one. Emerald green with crown charms. I just love it. 

Since I love wearing bracelets, I also contribute in Cotton On foundation campaign “Let’s wrist band together” The design is so simple yet attractive. 

Isn’t it so obvious that my new favourite colour is green. 💚

Sarawak Beads

Hello sunshine! 🌞

A few weeks ago me and my friend went to the gift shop. There, we saw these beautiful beads bracelets. The patterns are so unique because they were made from local beads (Sarawak Beads).


So we bought three pieces of it. This one belongs to Tikah. The pattern was so cute, looks like a mickey mouse pattern to me.


And then we both did some photoshoot with our bracelets. Thanks to Emie for taking the pictures. Hehe. That’s one of the pattern that I bought.


Here’s another pattern. I like this pattern very much. I remember that my mother used to keep so many Sarawak beads before. When I asked her, she told she don’t have any idea where did she kept all the beads. Hmm..